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August 2009 Grocery Challenge

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    rosiebenrosieben Forumite
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    Tashja wrote: »
    ... This was also posted by Rachelle on the live for 4,000 thread.
    Please can it be added to the recipe thread so I can find it again. ...

    Hi Tash, I've added the Onion Marmalade recipe to the front page list with a link back to Rachell's post on the Red Onion Chutney and Marmalade Recipes thread; thought it might be useful for the other recipes there? I'll be trying this one myself ;)
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    Went to get some shopping this morning and have now spent £204.45 out of my £300 budget. £95 to last us until the end of the month. Did sort out my store cupboard this morning and dig out all the unused packets of dried stuff, going to try and start using some of it. Going to attempt the blackberry bake this afternoon with some blackberries picked embarassingly in our jungle of a garden!
  • jackieglasgowjackieglasgow Forumite
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    Had a great shop last night, thanks to the guys over on the grabbit boards. Used my tesco rewards to get some essentials for the boys, and a MOC I got from Mr T then also used some MOC as advised by them to get a £74 shop for only £31.12!!! I'm full stocked for the rest of the month, and added to the 8 bags of Quorn gotten from Iceland for £1 each, I should only need a very few things for the rest of the moth, if anything at all. Still haven't done the mealplan thing, it's too much at once for me, but I am planning a day or two ahead.

    Also tried the Mr A veggie sausage mix to make sausage rolls the other day. Be warned if you haven't tried it before, it needs a lot of seasoning. I made the mistake of guessing at it and adding what I would if it was Sosmix, and cooked them all at once instead of trying just a little to check. It was bland, bland bland. Texture was great, though.

    Kids back at school next week, so packed lunch makings to be sorted tomorrow, and lots of baking to be done.

    Not quite GC, but MS all the same. Had to renew my car insurance today, tried doing it from here, and got some good quotes. Already had one of those multicar policies, so got a requote for that, the cheapest quotes were seperate policies for each car from 2 companies, but then I remembered that we have a discount scheme through work which offers discounts on all sorts including insurance. I called them and get a deal for both car on seperate policies with the same company on INTEREST FREE DDEB (which noone seems to offer anymore!!) for £350 cheaper than the cash price policies I'd found elsewhere, and about £480 cheaper than the cheapest DDEB prices. How's that for a saving? I was worried I'd need to get rid of one car because we're so skint, but we really need them, if I had to use PT it would be about 1.5 hrs commute each way for a 5 hour shift.

    Sorry for the long post, can you tell I've had no adult company all week?

    Jackie X
    mardatha wrote: »
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    Tashja wrote: »
    Hi all

    Going to update siggy in a moment. Having a baking/preparing for winter day today as well as trying to fly lady.

    Just wanted to add this recipe as ordered loads of red onions from MrT last night as they were on offer and I have done this before for winter as DH loves it with stews and beef dishes. This was also posted by Rachelle on the live for 4,000 thread.

    1.25kg onions
    3 tbsp salt
    1kg sugar
    500mls red wine vinegar
    2tsp caraway seeds

    Chop onions cover with salt leave for an hour
    Rinse & dry

    Add sugar, vinegar & seeds into saucepan; boil for 5mins then add onions. Cook for a couple of hours on a low heat until the mix becomes thick, onion tanslucent & brown. Can't go wrong.

    Put in sterilized jars.

    Please can it be added to the recipe thread so I can find it again.

    T xx

    Have gone to Lidl in my lunchbreak (only shop nearby) to buy red onions so I can try this tonight. (Also bought mangoes for more chutney as they are only 29p each at the moment)

    How much does it make roughly please Tashja ?

  • TashjaTashja Forumite
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    Hi hun

    Last time I got 2 medium jars out of it but not to sure as it has been a year since I last cooked it and SIL was with me and kept eating it !!

    I am going to start mine after I have done the cheese sauce for the Mousakka - which is looking and smelling lovely !!

    T xx
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  • kezloukezlou Forumite
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    Sunnyday wrote: »
    Anyone have a tried and tested beetroot chutney recipe? i`ve harvested and boiled my beets and now i need to make chutney as well as pickling some.SD

    Beetroot and Apple Chutney

    12oz finely chopped onions
    21b cooked beetroot, peeled and diced
    12oz cooking apples, diced (weight when peeled)
    3/4 pint malt vinegar
    1tsp fresh ginger
    12oz sugar
    1tsp salt
    1tsp of chilli
    1tsp cumin

    Put onions, beetroot and apples into a pan with vinegar, Simmer until the apples are soft and then add sugar. Stir and boil steadily until the chutney reaches desired consistency. Add salt and spoon into jars.
    Flat_Eric wrote: »

    Only trouble is, when I bought the spuds on saturday, i went for the cheapest option and to be honest they are horrible so now I dont want my jacket chips because I normally use maris piper spuds and the basic white spud is not the same!

    So with rather a lot of potatoes sitting on my kitchen side, i am after ideas on how to use them all up !! Many thanks.

    Wedges, mash, potato daphione, soups, potato bakes, grated potato + crushed garlic and fried on oil. Em meat and potato pie, potato finger biscuits, shepherds pie.

    Spent a fortune so far think i have about £70 left for the rest of the month. Just chopped loads of carrots, courgettes, bacon and chillies to put in the freezer. I ran out of everything inc. cat food and toilet roll. So big pack later of roll should last till October i hope. Enough cat food to last till September.
    Seem to going through loads of cheese. So will be popping to Lidl for the cheese, thanks for that!

    Well off to make more pasta salad for tea.
  • TashjaTashja Forumite
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    I am only doing half the onion marmalade tonight on account of MrT growing his red onions with Napalm.

    I will do the rest tomorrow.

    T xx
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  • searching_mesearching_me Forumite
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    hello havent been on here in about a week had a lot on i lost track alittle but i know i am around my budget ... but i got at least 13 NSDs so not to bad my september starts on saturday so


    thank you hope everyones doing well x
    :)Still searching .....:)
  • Hiya guys,

    Will catch up on posts in a mo. I'm still using supermarket of HWGA and not spending any, think I'm up to 8NSD's so far so real chuffed:T

    HWGA xx
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    Just updated my spreadsheet with spends from the last 3 days.....

    A!di : £1.49
    4pt milk : (they had no 1 litre semi left, so boys got f/fat while leaving our dregs of semi for me)

    A!di : £3.23
    2 x 1 litre semi : 2x49p = £0.98
    5kg potatoes : £2.25

    Mr M (all clearance) : £1.39 ( instead of £11.06)
    3 x [email protected] yoghuts (ones in small bowls), pack of 4 : 3x19p (instead of £1.84 each)
    2x reduced fat cheese slices, 10 slices / 200g : 2x19p (instead of £1.58 each)
    tub mascarpone cheese : 25p (instead of 99p)
    mini [email protected], 5 pack : 19p (instead of £1.39)

    Mr M (all clearance) : 96p (instead of £3.42)
    800g Organic Wholemeal loaf : 29p (instead of £1.10)
    pack of 6 large bread rolls : 9p (instead of 34p)
    2 packs thinly sliced pork sausage (with garlic and bits - plan to use on pizza tomorrow) : 2x29p (instead of 99p each)

    Finds from "Whoopsie Hunting" is picking up this month - signature updated, and showing £4.28 spent on goods with shelf ticket values of £31.35 :T

    Now almost 42% of the way through the month, and not quite 13% of the way through my budget - with 6 NSDs under my belt.

    Need to check A!di again tomorrow before probably having to shop in Mr M - no lettuce left at home, and our A!di doesn't appear to have had any of the Super 6 ones in :mad: There isn't even an empty space on the display when I get into the store - which is why I think we're not getting any :confused: Also need to check if the Neopolitan ice-cream is still on offer, as younger DS (18) has polished off yet another tub of it in the last 24 hours :eek: (I've already bought 3 tubs of it this month!!)
    Grocery Budget : January £155. Spent £33.75 in shops + £0.00 from stocks = £32.45
    Grocery Budget : 2021 £1825. Spent £33.75 in shops + £0.00 from stocks = £32.45
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