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I wonder if anyone can suggest what to do next.

DD gave up her flat and returned home in Feb this year. She arranged for the phone to be disconnected and the bill sent to our address.

We are now at the end of June the phone has still not been disconnected and she has had a letter from a debt collecting agency today.

She has spent over ten hours on the phone to Talk Talk getting passed from Customer Services (what a misnomer!!) to Credit Control. She has spoken to them in South Africa then passed back to UK. They admit that she has called them 34 (thirty four times) as all the calls are logged but she is getting nowhere.

They admit her credit rating will be damaged and want her to pay to get a copy. This is even before the original problem is sorted.

Has anyone got the name of MD of Talk Talk as I thought a letter sent to him might help her.

Or has anyone any other suggesions.


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