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sorry if in wrong thread....
recently (approx) 6 weeks ago i bought my son a new charger for his sony e k750i as it stopped charging, but this new charger has broke the top pin has snapped off the actual plug end not the bit that goes into the phone, the charger is always plugged in but is switched off at the switch when not in use so we never take the charger out the wall, but with the house having re-wiring done we had to shift and unplug everything and when we unplugged the charger the top plastic pin stayed in the socket so we went to the shop it was bought at and the guy wouldnt do anything he said there wasnt anything wrong with it cos "YOU BROKE IT" was his exact words even though we only unplugged it, is he right to do this i am livid:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:


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    If it is user damage then a store obviously doesnt have to replace it. Whilst I am sure it could happen as a fault if I saw the plastic pin from a charge snapped off my reaction would initially be that it is user damage too to be honest.

    I assume it is just a plastic pin, in which case all it is there to do is to open the barriers to allow the other 2 pins to go into the socket. If you say it is always left in the wall why not just glue the plastic pin back on... it wouldnt stand up to continuous pulling in and out but would be sufficient to simply put it back in when the rewiring is done. Otherwise you are possibly in for a long fight over if you/ your son broke it or if it was faulty.
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