Garage cut my audio cables. Should they replace them?

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Bought a car which had a Clarion satnav system fitted - it basically had a CD unit in the boot, and then internally wired through to a screen that was sticking out of the dash. I thought it looked quite horrific, and ruined the interior of the car, so I wanted it removed.

Went to the local Clarion authorised reseller and the guy said it would be no problem, he could do it easily in an hour. Then asked if I wanted it to be put into another car, to which I said no. Came back to collect the bits in a box, ready to whack on eBay.

At home, looking through, all 4 of the cables (power, audio, antenna, remote) had been cut on one end. Went back to ask why, and the guy had no idea. He looked through his bins and around his shop, and said he didnt have them there. I said I'd expect replacements, so he claimed the Clarion rep should be able to get them if I gave the part numbers.

2 months on, and he claimed the rep cant get them, and the mechanic referred me to his boss (manager of the shop). Manager rang Clarion and got back to me and said he'd be able to get them and asked if I expected them to pay for them, to which I replied yes of course.

The manager said he couldnt do that, because he thought the mechanic was under the impression I just wanted the unit 'ripped out', and he didnt know I'd want to sell the unit on. I'm going down later today so all three of us (me, mechanic and manager) can meet together and discuss exactly what was said.

Any idea what my rights are? The satnav is totally useless without the cables, and Clarion quoted me £100+ to replace them. What should I say at this meeting if they are awkward? I know it costs £30 to book a date in the small claims court and serve them the papers. Would I be likely to win?

Thanks for reading all that lot, any opinions would be much appreciated.


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    I am not sure about your legal rights but by saying you wont be wanting to put it in another car does suggest you are just intending to chuck it away... the arguement of cause is that this confusion was over "do you want us to put it in another car" -v- "do you want it to be able to be put in another car"
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