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August 2009 Grocery Challenge

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    Hi everyone - just finished catching up with all the posts. It's been a manic few days with DD1 too sick to travel as planned and new arrangements needing to be made (courtesy of the bank of mum and dad!). Anyhow, she is safely in Germany and now I have to clear up all the stuff she las left behind!

    The change in plans meant a lot of juggling with menus and so I have already spent quite a lot of this month's budget. However we are away for a long weekend next weekend and I have enough meat in the freezer for at least the next three weeks I hope ( or I will have when the Sainsbury's delivery come tomorrow morning). We had super frugal lunch of soup made from the leftover sauce from a lamb and tomato casserole - I just added some extra tomato puree and a dollop of creme fraiche and it was lush! Had this with hm bread rolls and DH thought he had died and gone to heaven!

    Dinner tonight is sliced beef leftover from a pot roast last week (done in the SC). I sliced the meat and froze it - now I am going to reheat in gravy and serve with mash and broccoli. It's comfort food - needed in this gloomy weather - still at least it isn't raining yet!

    I am constantly amazed at how little some of you manage on and wish I could be better at cutting my budget - but I still seem to hover round the £300 mark. I must try harder!

    I did a big online shop this month to use a voucher to get money off but I never seem to get the right amount of stuff when I shop online so I am not sure it is saving me much. I am much better when I see the food on the shelf and can judge amounts better then too. Is it just my age?

    Off to cook tea. Have a good evening everyone.

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    Hello All! Sorry I'm a little late! Would like to declare £120 for August, £30 per week.

    Although I would love to do less than this actually!! :rolleyes:
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    Nipped out in my lunch hour to the cash and carry to get bacon - £7.65 for 5lb pack, treated myself to a can of diet coke while I was there but didn't spend anything else.

    Sig updated - now off to decide what my migraine fueled brain can rustle up for dinner.
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    £1.49 spent today as I was rushing to get to work early to print off my meal plan and forgot to take the sodding bacon out of the freezer, so rip-off bacon from the corner shop for me!
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    £8.04 spent in Asda on milk 2 x 4 pints, paracetamol, vitamins (OH has a cold) 2 x (whoopsied) veg korma ready meals for OH to have for dinners at work. Also went to the local farm shop for local honey £6 a jar, didn't buy any, its was £3 a jar about 2 months ago. I was hoping to buy a pie as well but they only do them at christmas, whats that about. The up side of this is didn't spend any money in the farm shop. As no pie I was unsure what to have for dinner asked DS (4) he suggested eggs & beans, good suggestion everything in stock and easy to cook, luckily as I think I'm getting OH's cold:sad:
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    Evening all

    Well another NSD under my belt -so thats 8 out of a possible 9 :j
    I helped my neighbour out by whipping up a choc mousse for a dinner she is doing -she dropped all the ingredients off and I whacked it together and when it was poured into the glasses there was too much -so she told me to use it up :D -so I have just had a bit of it after our pasta salad -*god was it sweet* -even I struggled to finish it :eek:-the other portion is in the fridge;) -She then came dashing round to ask if I could help as she was trying to make salsa -so I got that sorted -we were about to make the guacamole -but she had seriously under ripe avocados -luckily she had a jar or ready made in the fridge -and was going to throw the avocados away :eek: -so Im now the proud owner of 4 huge avocados -and as they are one of my fave foods Im very :D:rotfl:
    Still looking like we shouldn't need anything before Friday -and then it should be potatoes, milk, and possibly lettuce .....
    Im still trying to get some bits used out of the freezer -and another 2 portions of beans have gone in today :T... so tomorrow may be the 2 chicken/courgette slices I made and froze last week, with steamed potatoes, carrots and some more beans from the garden.
    Hope everyone is doing well...
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  • Hiya guys

    Noticed Lidl's have mozzerella cheese fo 27p, can you freeze as it is:confused:

    Will look on menu list as I only used it in pasta dishes and seems like too good a bargain to miss.

    They also go pitzza's back on for a £1.oo so got some for DS.

    Still had a NSD as not out of my budget:T:T

    HWGA xx
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    Hi there Herewego

    yup -I just throw mozarella in the freezer as it is and its just fine -I think the liquid helps protect it ....
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    3 NSDs so far....just as well having spent so much on last day of July....also have ham, chicken and beef leftovers to do for the restof the least, think that I will freeze the ham to make 2 dinners next week.

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  • kezloukezlou Forumite
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    elf06 wrote: »
    Just realised theres no instructions for this one - please can you tell me the method. Want to try but not really sure what I should do!!

    Sorry about that didnt realise.

    Okay shortcrust pastry

    Cornflake tart:-
    Base just shortcrust pastry
    Mix half fat to flour, so 4oz of marg to 8oz of plain flour. Crumble till it looks like bread crumbs.
    Add in extremely cold water a little at a time till it starts to bind together and try to shape it into a ball.
    Place in a and let it chill in the fridge for about 30 mins or till your ready to use it.

    For the filling:
    175g seedless raspberry jam
    50g butter / margarine
    50g caster sugar / granulated
    2tbsp golden syrup
    175g cornflakes

    Bake the pastry in the oven till cooked
    While the pastry is cooking make the batter by mixing margarine, sugar together till its looks fluffy.
    Remove pastry, place the batter on top followed by golden syrup, then place the jam on top then the cornflakes.
    Place back into the oven gas mark 5 till the cornflakes look golden brown about 20ish minutes
    Serve hot or cold.
    Hiya guys
    Noticed Lidl's have mozzerella cheese fo 27p, can you freeze as it is:confused:HWGA xx
    Yes you can freeze mozzarella i do it all the time.

    Kids had they teas at my sisters house so just had jam and toast for supper. Right off to get the boys to bed and start on Leto's cushion.
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