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August 2009 Grocery Challenge

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  • ocemeerocemeer Forumite
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    Back from being away with work so £110 for August - (starting saturday) Freezer almost empty so slightly worried about the amount of cooking required to fill this plus, not had as many woopsies recently.
    Currently experimenting with growing sunflower shoots (already sprouting beans just need some more hessian sacks so I can have shoots throughout the week).
    Lots of fruit and veg required though to stock up on jams/pickles ready for the xmas hampers
  • oceanspiritoceanspirit Forumite
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    I've just completed my first shop of the month - whoopsied fruit and veg and some olive oil. Also a few bent tins of beans which I will be able to use to make bean burgers for a barbie on Saturday. Total £10.37.
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  • mrssnowy_2mrssnowy_2 Forumite
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    JulieK1313 wrote: »
    I prefer not to label my bags (just date them) and have a week of eating mystery meals - esp in winter when my freezer is full of various stews - take it out in the morning and come home to something yummy - but a surprise :rotfl:

    Just got a slow cooker and loving it - actually can't wait for winter to do loads of stews. Gonna do a lamb tagine this weekend. yummy . :D

    Done that,but got cured when mixed pork and pudding together!
    Not good.
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  • kezloukezlou Forumite
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    Flat_Eric wrote: »
    I also have a recipe for onion bhajis but this calls for gram flour - i won't be able to get to a big supermarket before the weekend, does anyone know if another flour can be substituted in its place?

    Also if you have any ideas or tips on how to "copy" those lovely dips you get in the indian restaurant with your poppadoms, I would love to know :D thanks !

    Regarding gram flour aka besan flour and chick pea flour.
    You could use plain flour mixed with ground tumeric and a pinch of salt place all in a bowl and mix together if wished you could a small amount of yellow mustard powder to make it look a bit more authentic. I have done this a few times and worked fine for me.

    Riata - mint, yogurt and cucumber.
    Cut about an inch or more of cucumber and grate (inc skin) mix with yougurt sprinkle either fresh or dried mint into it mix and add salt to taste.

    Tomato/chilli salsa
    2 tomatoes diced (inc skin + seeds)
    1/4 onion finely chopped and diced
    either 4 fresh chillies or teaspoon of fresh crushed chilli
    Mix all of the above add fresh coriander, cumin and salt to taste

    Mango chutney
    2 mangoes, peeled, stoned and sliced
    2 cloves garlic, peeled and crushed
    200g/ sugar
    1 tbsp ground mustard powder
    1tbsp ground tumeric powder
    2 tbsp grated fresh root ginger about an inch of fresh ginger
    1/2 pint white vinegar
    1 tbsp cayenne (chilli )pepper

    Place mango slices into a bowl overnight sprinkled with salt.
    next day rinse fruit discard the juice
    Put sugar, spices, garlic and ginger into a pan on a very low heat till sugar has dissolved..
    Bring the mixture to the boil and quickly add the sliced mangoes. Let the mixture simmer for about 30 minutes or until the chutney is thick and looks like syrup.
    After that place into clean, sterilised jars and seal.

    You can eat it straight away but best off leaving it for at least 12 hours to allow the mixture to cool and allow the flavours to be released.

    Get a slow cooker they are a life saver, don't know what i'd do without mine.

    don't forget chappatti can be easily made and are healthier than poppadoms.
    I just reuse margarine tubs or place in plastic food bags.

    Maitane:- Know what you mean my OH and boys are obsessed with meat.They demand it in every meal.
    A few things i do is add extra veg, lentils, oats any dodgy veg veg that needs using etc
    Another thing is brown lentils they are amazing. Convinced my entire family we were eating beef mince pie, meat stew, instead we were eating all non meat meals. When cooking add a couple of beef stock cubes this really boosts up the "meaty" taste. You can buy vegetarian beef cubes if you wish.

    Flying Fresian:- just chop up the peppers and freeze them no need to cook.

    Taka:- If the mango is soft then its ripe.

    Well spent the £5 i gave myself today on onions and eggs, never going back to this new place i got them from as they were far more expensive than Asian food markets. So didnt buy any salad stuff grrr.

    Looks like i may be starting my first August spend on Friday :mad: instead of Monday. Ah well at least it will be on healthy food lol
    The Aldi super six sounds good as we eat everything on they part from celery but i use it in cooking anyway. Haven't has avocados for ages, hmm i can guacamole already and avocado and mayonnaise yummy . 29p hmmm if thats price bonus!!

    Had a lovely day out in the rain with the boys came back freezing to hot home made soup and HM bread , so nice. The children ate it without complaining too, always a bonus. Going to make falafel tomorrow along with a tangine and chick pea curry for over the next couple of weeks. Not that it will last that long, i make it and suddenly the kids eat it all!
    Off to carry on with the sowing the cushion.
  • Hiya guys,

    Well it's payday today so will be going to mr T looking for curry/sweet and sour sauces later, will stock up store cupboard as releif left the cupboards empty' Will have a good look around as I don't usually have time to go up there.

    several NSD's this week, must remember to go to NSD thread again

    HWGA xx
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  • sistercassistercas Forumite
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    I have had 4 NSD's :j:j
    but really need to go shopping today. I like the look of aldis next super 6 - I love mango - never normally buy it ,its too expensive

    failed july GC miserably but hoping for good things for august- just need to remember to keep my receipts
  • topsyturphytopsyturphy Forumite
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    Can you put me down for £175 for August please. Need to be good this month.
  • good morning everyone
    well I have just ordered a new cooker over the internet. Have never bought anything this way before so I am a wee bit nervous but I read their customer reviews and terms and conditions so hopefully all will be well. I am so looking forward to having a shiney new cooker my old one used to belong to my Gran and was nearly 20 yrs old, yes that's right 20 yrs old. So really it has served us above and beyond the call of duty. My new cooker will have a fan assisted oven.:j:j:j

    Can't wait for it to arrive and then I will be cooking up a storm.:rotfl:
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    Morning all

    Done the 1st shop of the month...
    1. 4x1lt fresh milk x 48c
    2. pack butter -65c
    3. pack lard - 49c
    4. bag of walnuts -€1.69 -more courgette teabread here I come :p
    5. 24 x 1.5lt mineral water €4.56
    6. 1kg bunch carrots - 49c
    7. 1kg onions 49c
    8. celery 99c
    9. cherry tomatoes -€1.19
    10. cucumber -35c
    11. iceberg - 45c
    12. 1kg nectarines 89c
    13. 3 huge red peppers - 67c
    it came to a total of €15.43 -but I took €12 worth of bottles back :p -so that made it €3.43 -but I paid €6 deposits on the bottles this time -so that leaves it at €9.43 -but I will have the €6 + extra bottles I have allready to take back next time I shop ;)
    I have had a looksy in my purse and I have €69 in there and I have decided that I am on a mission to make that last the rest of the month :rotfl:-well that will mean i won't have to touch this months housekeeping(which is allready tucked up in the bank :D)
    Im 6 days into my month -leaving 25 days -so thats about €20 a week and as I should only need milk, fruit n veg -it "should" be do-able -pinkies crossed :T

    Dinner tonight is jacket potatoes with cottage cheese and salad mmmmm
    Nice and easy, a great fave of ours and it leaves lots more time for x-stitching :j
    Hope everyone is well and off to a good start
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  • lollyfinlollyfin Forumite
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    Morning all,
    today I am trying to get 500g of mince to stretch to feeding us 3 times (18 portions), it is in the SC with lentils, oats, grated carrot, 2 onions , some mushrooms, a pepper, 2 tins of toms, 2 tins of water and some dried mixed herbs.
    I am hoping that will make bolognaise, a lasagna and chilli (adding kidney beans for this)
    I have never made it stretch this far before but SC looking quite full so fingers crossed
    konMarie and fabbing all the way
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