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    lindaatno9 wrote: »
    Absolutely stunning Lydia. Are you doing the horse and carriage?

    Nope for one I'm allergic to horses, but we're also keeping it fairly low key, I may just get ready there and appear in my dress, so no car or anything. We're having the whole day there, starting early about 10/11am and finishing no later than 10pm. We're having quite a few children there, we're treating it more as a family get together with a wedding in the middle! So lots of family games, photos, lots of food, DVDs and board games for the children.

    Any ideas on winter wedding dresses Linda?
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  • ooh Lydia that looks gorgeous!
    I'm getting married next December and I can't say I've saved much because things like DJ's and caterers are in demand for Christmas parties. I got a fab bargain with the photographer though, he's only charging £350 for all day!
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    Lydia82 wrote: »

    Any ideas on winter wedding dresses Linda?

    Where do you want me to start!!!!
    Depends entirely on your bugdet. Fabrics with opulence are fantastic. You may not have to worry about the cold if you plan to get ready there and not to venture outside. (Although if you are graced with a frost or sprinkling of snow as we were, photos would be super outside so may need a cover up.)

    Crisp taffeta is wonderful as is duchess satin and lace. Anything with some sparkle would suit the time of year especially if near Christmas. So, strapless is most defo a possiblity. If it were me (and it isn't) I'd go for lace with shimmering sequins, but this could prove to cost around £500 as the lace is expensive per m if you have it made and then double this price if you buy from the high street. If you chose the offshore route and ask for beaded lace, ask for CLEAR sequins NOT silver (as a lady sent me piccys of hers) Silver sequins embelished over lace can have a tacky look about it. Clear ones catch the light with a prism of colours.
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    I got married in early January, I wore a red velvet dress and cape, we had the ceremony in a church which was lit with candles and still had the Christmas tree up. We had the ceremony about 5pm so it was already dark and there was a small fog so our photos of us arriving are very dramatic and dark, the indoor shots with the candles are really good.
    We saved quite a bit because florists are not very busy in January and obviously venues struggle for booking too after Christmas,
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    Lydia82 wrote: »
    We're having the whole day there, starting early about 10/11am and finishing no later than 10pm. We're having quite a few children there, we're treating it more as a family get together with a wedding in the middle! ?

    Take into account the length of time you will be wearing your gown for. Something princessy and swooshy may get in the way. Something heavily corseted may be resticting and you will be yearning to get out of it.
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    My sister got married the week before Xmas 2 years ago, no snow but the frost looked lovely in the photos. She had a strapless dress but also a matching bolero jacket with swansdown trim which she took off for the ceremony. I don't think she had any problems with people not attending in fact a few came because they were already visiting for Xmas who probably wouldn't have come otherwise.
    The dress was ivory with deep red embroidery across the bodice and sweeping down the skirt . I made her jewellery with Swarovski crystals for an icy look and the bridesmaids had ivory dresses with red sashes and matching bolero jackets.
    The mulled wine at the reception was most welcome though as everyone was freezing after the photos!
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    I love winter weddings and you can have snow if you have the fake stuff.
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    Can I have the fake stuff even if I'm not getting married?
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    I'm getting married in February next year.

    I wouldn't necessarily say we're getting everything much cheaper(except the cars). However it's been really easy to get the venue, photographer,cars etc that we wanted because with it being out of season they weren't already booked.

    We only started getting things organised in June and except for the rings and my and my bridesmaids dresses everything else is booked. The dresses will be sorted by next week too. I couldn't get an appointment with the dress maker because she was so busy with other peoples wedding dresses.
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    We filmed a wedding on the 29th December. The Christmas trees were still up in the Bride's house while she got ready, the Church had a tree and the nativity scene, and they lit the candles in the church too.

    The reception was in a Hall; the christmas decorations mixed in with the medieval setting and the amazing open fire made it one of the best weddings we've attended recently. I was desperate to have my wedding exactly like that (of course we didn't in the end...). Absolutely magical!

    If you want to have a look, click on 'Our Work' and select 'Kim and Wael' on the left hand page. It takes a while for the main page to load up sometimes - Clive's working on it.

    So, I'm a BIG fan of winter weddings :)
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