Help with Underwear plus other wedding things 'sighs'

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Hi All

My wedding is on the 23rd August and I still have sooo many things to sort out. I was wondering if I could get any of your advice on any of the time is may help me find these items quicker and also MSE. Please note I am also quite fussy which doesnt help!

I need bridal underwear! I am very small chested (32A), I need something strapless that will basically give my boobs a boost and appear Any bra experts out there?

I am looking for a personalised wedding guest book. I would prefer white, or white with a deep red colour to go with my theme.

Shoes! Argh they are driving me mad. I am looking for white or silver shoes. Has to be low heeled (under 2inches) cuz my OH is sooo short. I would prefer peep toe or closed toe...not so keen on pointy shoes either.

I am looking for cheap deep red rose petals to scattered on the reception tables - I have 23 tables to decorate...argh!

Personalised balloons???? Anyone?

And I am also looking for some lovely personalised cuff links for OH. Prefer crystals on them also.

Wedding jewellery - I have no idea where to start. What will look nice or what kind? I am wear an A Line white dress, full at the bottom. Very detailed 'Bling bling' on the bodice! My bridesmaids are wearing pearl necklaces and earrings. So what should I wear?

I think that's about it....besides not liking my hair/make up trial..which I'm trying to sort out,

Advice much appreciated, thanks


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    Hi babygirl

    First things first - dont stress, mines on 26th August and I still have loads to do and mine's not even in this country :rolleyes:, and I only sent the family invites yesterday !!! My mother phoned me tonight in a flap about what she is going to where so I told her I dont care what she bl**dy wears, nothing else matters other than you're both there.

    Anyway back to your post, I'm only a 32B and I dont think you can beat the good old wonderbra, most department stores will stock them.

    Not sure about the wedding guest book but then I'm not bothering - is it so important if you dont have one.

    Shoes - why not do an internet search for a ballerina style shoe, no heel, comfy etc. I'm still searching for gold sandals.

    Rose petals - I was looking on the net earlier today for favours and things and several had flower petals so again a search might come up trumps. Might be worth looking for balloons too, although for personalised stuff its probably leaving it a little late. ETA Just checked a search for red rose petals throws up loads of sites

    Wedding jewellery - try Accessorize or Claires or search for wedding jewellery

    My hair's not being coloured/cut until a week before and then I've got to get it done at a salon I dont know so dont worry too much about it. I know lots of people try and go for a different look on their wedding day but I actually want to look like me not me dressed up as someone else.

    I know theres not a huge amount of practical advice there but I'm just trying to say if you cant find the things you want will it really matter x

    PS I'm still trying to find a bra to wear under this dress
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    hi ya hun god you sound so stressed ((( hugs ))))
    for the bra thing id try bhs or m&s the women in there might be able to help you they did with me when i had my stress about my bridal underwear ,

    the guest book ive bought mine from ebay done in my colours but the person i bought mine from takes 3/4 wks to do it but you could get a plain one and put deep red ribbon bow or roses on it to coordinate with your scheme

    sorry cant help with shoes but again ebay

    rose petals ebay again lol

    personalised balloons ebay yet again ,

    cuff liks (lovely idea might pinch it for h2b )

    jewelery i got mine from claires and everyone who ive shown it to comments on how gorgeous it is , if your bridesmaids is wearing pearls then you could wear a pearl drop on a chain ,as if your dress is very detailed on the bodice then you want something delicate .

    hope ive been help xx
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    comp angels please throw some luck my way
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    I got printed balloons from here
    The ones I got werent for a wedding, I had a couple of my vw designs printed on them to hand out at shows, they are really good :)
    You can either just have one of their standard designs or you can send them a file with your own design for them to use

    Just did a quick search for petals
    Seems to be quite a few on there and they are quite well priced :)

    Guest Book...have a look on ebay for people that do personalised stationery, they can probably help you have a photo of your wedding we know what we are looking for to match for you?

    Underwear....I would suggest somewhere like m and s so that you can go and talk to someone in that department and they can help you find something that works for you

    Shoes....where have you looked?
    I noticed that faith are doing a range of bridal shoes now...they have a good selection of high and low heels so that might be worth a look
    Lots of high street places seem to have bridal shoes in at the moment (and some are in the sales too :) ) So Id suggest a trip to your nearest decent shopping town and get trying on

    Jewellery...Do you want bling? or something a bit plainer since your dress is quite blingy?
    I have this gorgeous flat silver necklace that is so simple but works really well when I wear blingy clothes :) You can get them in most jewellery stores (and I think it was quite cheap)
    Equally hot diamonds do some nice simple things, with just small diamonds in them so they are fairly plain

    Id suggest you give your self a couple of hours with google and get searching, at least get an idea of the styles you like and then we can help you find them at a good price :)
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  • babygirlHbabygirlH Forumite
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    Thanks very much ladies for all your help! I will defo try and put a side some time to look at all these things... I just wish there were more hours in the day!

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    Hi my wedding is on the 21st August I have had the same problem with shoes but did find a pair at the the accessory boutique .com they also have a sale on I got a pair for £30 with a 1.3/4 inch heel.
    Faith wedding shoes are also very reasonable priced too.

    With the underwear I would speak to the people who you bought your dress from as I am also very small and they advised no bra but instead to look at tape etc.. as they said bra's can spoil the look of the dress and that most dresses are made with very good support anyway.

    Hope you get everything sorted
  • Hi, I'm an A cup too and I've recently been bra shopping for my wedding day - Debenhams have some great strapless bra's in at the moment, and they are very reasonable. They have the same jelly type stuff on the band that you get on hold up stockings - I ended up buying two (one black for every day use) they stay in place no problem, are nicely shaped and padded to give a nice silhouette and are comfy to wear all day long. Our debenhams also has a bra fitting lady to help, but I don't know if they all do.
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