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£100 cashback & more on 12-mth O2 SIMplicity SIM-only mobile contracts - £11.25/mth! - Page 2

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£100 cashback & more on 12-mth O2 SIMplicity SIM-only mobile contracts - £11.25/mth!

edited 21 September 2009 at 11:32AM in It's Gone, but was it any good?
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  • thanks for this - I got it last time when it was £110, took it out on 3rd april and the money cleared in my bank on 3rd June!
    just done it again for my mum so thanks to OP
  • stoltstolt Forumite
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    if you are already on the one month sim only simplicity deal, can you take this offer up and then change your number over
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  • Searcher2Searcher2 Forumite
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    Maybe worth checking on Hotukdeals. People on there are saying that last time they had a similar offer on Quidco it tracked intially at a lower price and then was changed later to the higher price. Once it tracks - and if at the wrong amount - simply raise a ticket to point out the amount it wrong.

    Quote from HDUK

    "Once it does track, it will show as £23.33. DO NOT PANIC! This is normal and will change to the correct amount of £100 when it gets validated within a month or so."
  • Graz-DGraz-D Forumite
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    Searcher2 wrote: »
    To save people looking - works out at £11.25 per month for 12 months after cashback for 800 minutes, 1600 texts and a choice of one bolt-on e.g. unlimited weekend calls, free O2 to O2 calls.

    The best bolt-on is the free internet (web) one. 800 minutes is more than enough, and the web one means you can go on the internet using your phone whenever you like at no cost, and also download your emails to your phone too...all for free, wherever you are, using a 3G / EDGE / GPRS connection. As long as your phone can go online, which even the most cheap and basic ones can these days, you'll be fine. REALLY recommended!
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  • Graz-DGraz-D Forumite
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    hate to double post but has anyone else's O2 cashback started tracking yet? Mine hasn't appeared at all, and it's well over 3 days since I started the contract.
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  • Quick question

    Do you need to top up each month to get the free texts etc?
    If so how much do you need to top up by?
  • icic Forumite
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    Astec wrote: »
    Has this tracked for anyony yet? I know there were a few issues tracking last time the offer was on.

    Also, has anyone ported a number? If so, does it have to be done at point of sale or can it be done later?

    Want to move the wife onto it, but wanna make sure it tracks and have a number port.

    I ordered on Saturday night. The quidco has tracked at £23.33, and should uplift to £100 when they validate. The SIM is due for delivery today or tomorrow, and I've spoken with O2 and my existing O2 PAYG number will transfer over tomorrow, along with any PAYG credit I have. :)
  • geordie458geordie458 Forumite
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    Quick question

    Do you need to top up each month to get the free texts etc?
    If so how much do you need to top up by?

    It's a 12 month contract, not pay-as-you-go so no need to top-up. You will be billed each month for call/txts/data over and above your contract allowance.
  • silverchairsilverchair Forumite
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    Having signed up to O2 via quidco, I received an email from O2

    "Having considered the information provided, O2 are now able to accept your application upon receipt of 1 proof of your address and 1 proof of your identity. Please arrange to call us using the number at the bottom of this email, having the relevant information to hand."

    Has anyone else received this email? Would thid mean that the Quidco cashback would no longer be valid since I would have to phone O2?
  • Got one of these! thanks op

    I was on virgin media for £12 a month with no contract

    but this is a much better deal!

    free internet!

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