Making cards - Ideas for a card craft beginner (part 2)

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  • Great cards everyone. Ive been a bit lazy with doing challenges so I was wondering is there one running at the min and end date?

    I made these two cards few weeks ago with new stamp and new embossing tools:

    And today i made this thank you card, the image was pre stamped from ebay
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    The_Wife - I haven't seen any cheap flourishes - I'll have a look later - I'm off to m-i-l's in an mo!! Ebay might be an idea!!

    Rainmac - thanks for your comments dearie!!! I ended up buying loads of imaginisce stuff from there - I got a couple of the twin stamp sets for 60p - bargain!!! Glad to hear that your boys behaved - we spend a fortune when we go to the cinema - we don't go that often so we tend to spoil them with all kinds of goodies when we go!!

    Marg - your cards are fab - I wouldn't have a clue where to start making a card on the PC - you are clever!! My favourite is the Thomas one, its so bright and cheery!

    Furrypig - I ended up spending about 20 quid. I got a fab stamp set for boys for a fiver that had spacemen and planets on, a few brads, loads of the bazzill cardstock- (although I've just ordered loads from creative craft world), and a couple of the 12x12 basic grey sheets. Did you get anything??

    Kim_Possible - lovely cards - I really like your doggy and duck images - they are so cute!!!
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    ok have updated the challenge list again hope it is right!!!

    & Son
    Mrs Tidge
    The wife
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    Lovely cards, kim. What did you use to emboss the bottom of the ducky one, it looks different from the usual swiss diots folder?
    :whistle: Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the ground each morning the devil says, "OH CARP, SHE'S UP"! :whistle:

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    Fab cards everyone:j

    I'm feeling lots better today, I've started taking every vitamin possible to try and boost my system, I've still got to go for a scan next week but I'm feeling much better.

    Melissa How are you? coping ok?

    We've been to book our wedding venue today I feel like a big kid!

    Can I ask what people use the crop o dile for? does it somehow fix brads etc? Or have I just lost the plot?
    :xmassmile Looking forward to December:xmassmile
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    I've uploaded THE-WIFEs lovely ATC on the Crafty Place gallery and have uploaded mine on my blog (don't look THE-WIFE!!) This was such a great challenge. Thanks everyone :)

    eta: Hels a cropadile is for setting eyelets though have used mine for everything but. I use it for punching holes in my scrapbook pages and also used it to attach one of the elements of my ATC yesterday. I also use it to punch new holes in my belt as I'm losing weight (not happening often enough at the mo) I will have to look into how to attach eyelets with it too though :D
    :staradminHuuuuuuge thank you hugs to all posters:staradmin
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    Marg your cards are fab, I love you Thomas one, my son would adore that! given me some ideas for his birthday card this year! Did you design it all on the pc then print it off?
    :xmassmile Looking forward to December:xmassmile
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    furrypig wrote: »
    When is the Ally Pally show whoopdidoo?? Sounds fab!
    Sorry furrypig only just saw your post. It's on the 26th/27th september and you can buy the tickets cheaper in advance here. List of exhibitors here.

    Can't wait - will be my 3rd time this time and for once I actually have a list! (and not enough money! :D )
    :staradminHuuuuuuge thank you hugs to all posters:staradmin
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    Good Afternoon Ladies

    Hope everyone is ok on this horrible wet afternoon?

    Just a quickie, does anyone have the tutorial link for the lovely pocket fold cards that have been done lately?


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    Kim and marg - what super cards -well done:T

    saveapenny - brilliant news. I'm so pleased for you:j
    I would be unstoppable if only I could get started !

    (previously known as mary43)
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