Smile Bank Customers - Email Campaign to improve website?



  • I work at smile, although I intend to leave before too long as it is something that I never planned on doing!

    Regarding the improvements to the website, they are long overdue really.

    The fact that customers can't view pending money transfers, or actually make alterations is a joke and adds to the workload. I raised this issue in September and received a pretty pathetic response from the 'Bright Ideas' team. The only 'bright ideas' that this team seem to be interested in are those that make £s.

    However, since then i've advised every customer who queries why they can't do such things online, to e-mail them directly.

    It may have had some effect, as someone from the Business Improvements team was actually looking through all the messages in the money transfers queue today. Although quite what he was looking at, i'm not sure!
  • kaminskykaminsky Forumite
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    Thanks for this I didn't know about the Divi and I've been with Smile for over 6 years and am a Co-op member.

    I suppose I should read everything but who does?
  • should we consider starting up this email campaign again?
  • EserimEserim Forumite
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    I asked once again via a Smile Secure Message and the answer is a "major" refresh in 2011.

    So, for one, as it isn't costing me anything to leave a few £s in the accounts (apart from the few £s that is) I'll wait and see. The tone of my reply was very much "yes we know, but we were first and were overtaken, we are now doing something about it"
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