Making cards - Ideas for a card craft beginner (part 2)

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  • melissa75_2melissa75_2 Forumite
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    Flourgirl - I hope he's here before Thursday too!!!

    ZLS - glad your house is on the road to recovery. I tend to use 8mm brads for the centre of my flowers and their posts are bigger.
  • SkiergirlSkiergirl Forumite
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    Rainmac - congratulations on getting your card in the mag, its gorgeous

    Kim - lovely cards, I love the pink one too

    Gemma - Happy Birthday for yesterday, glad you had a good time. I have good memories of Bath as my DH proposed there

    npsmama -hope you have agood time camping

    THE WIFE - hope you enjoy your party

    Mumhug - congratulations to your sister, Jasmine is a lovely name

    Bunbun and ZLS - hope you both recover soon

    My back was feeling better today...until I slipped on the stairs and pulled it again trying to stop myself falling :eek:. So its another day with the heat pack and painkillers for me :rotfl:
  • MargMarg Forumite
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    Welcome back ZLS! Missed you on here lately.

    Skier girl - Sorry to hear that. Hope the treatment works.
  • melissa75_2melissa75_2 Forumite
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    Skiergirl - hope you feel better soon.

    OOpps - I've just spent 23 quid here:
    they have a really good sale on, and 2nd class delivery is only 1.65!!! They have bazzill 12x12 cardstock for 20p each, some great imaginisce bargains - stamps and embellishments, I've just spent about an hour on there looking at everything.
  • ZLS1984ZLS1984 Forumite
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    Just flicking through this thread I have realised that I need to make a start on my Xmas cards. No idea what theme I am going to do yet, I have 2 birthday cards to think of yet as well lol. One in september when it will be my daughters 6th :eek: and one in Novemeber when my mum will be 52.
    :wave: Wins in 09 = A vodka cocktail kit thing lol, £150 Amazon voucher.
  • saveapennysaveapenny Forumite
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    Thought I would just pop on and say I will catch up later tonight and tell you all I got the all clear with the lump ...phewww
    2 down 1 to go :)
    I had some realy lovely cards today an I will post them all on my blog later
    Sorry for the rush post but its been a mad couple of day and Im off out again now but thought I woul d come on and do a quicky to let you all know
    If you look anything like your passport photo....Your too ill to travel
  • flourgirlflourgirl Forumite
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    Saveapenny I'm so pleased about the lump. I know just how relieved you are feeling. Hope all goes well with the last test.
  • melissa75_2melissa75_2 Forumite
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    ZLS - don't worry - I haven't made any xmas cards either!!!!

    Saveapenny - that's great news!!!!!
  • bunbun2bunbun2 Forumite
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    I am so pleased to hear your good news saveapenny!!

    here is my challenge card. it is for the boys' cub leaders who are leaving. they live together so only one card!


    as promised here is a pic of the lovely prize I received from emmaOC. there are lots of goodies, a fab wallet and a gorgeous card

    saving for ds2's summer international scout camp - £200
    £60 deposit paid :j £100 paid:j £40 paid:j
  • melissa75_2melissa75_2 Forumite
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    Bunbun2 - your thank you card is fab - the embossing is great and your image is perfect. Looks like you got some brilliant goodies from Emma - those flowers look lovely.
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