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July 2009 Grocery Challenge

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  • MonikerMoniker Forumite
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    Hi folks

    Did my main shop today in Sainsbury's and have just updated sig. Only have £25-50 left to last till 31st! Hm, might be a question of damage limitation I think!

    In case anyone's interested Sainsbury's 1% fat milk is down to 75p per 2ltr bottle.

    Will be out at my baby bro's birthday barbie tomorrow and MIL has inivited us to supper on Tuesday, so that's two fewer meals to worry about.

    Have just made a luscious lemon cake as I needed to have the oven on to cook the fish florentine I have for supper tonight and I hate heating up the oven for just one dish. Smells great and makes me feel hungry.

    Hope the rain hasn't ruined anyone's evening - have a good one.

  • hermoine_2hermoine_2 Forumite
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    I am not doing at all well again this month, maybe I need to rethink the challenge amount. Although this is a 5 week month for us.

    I went to Sainsburys and spent £28.16. Will update my signature.

    Got 6 jars of 4p curry sauce though.

    Just remembered £2 for eggs from the farm as well.

    Oh well, damage limitation.


  • Savvy_sewingSavvy_sewing Forumite
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    Well I made my toad in the hole, and I really enjoyed it. I made more mix then I needed so I have now got 6 small yorkshires cooked, to freeze as well. Only snag was that the dish I used was a camping pan,(one of the kids Army Cadet stuff), and it wasnt non stick, so I have a dish to scrub now. I also used powdered milk instead of fresh. It worked well, and they were the best Yorkshires I have done in an electric oven in years!!!! (pity nobody was here to witness it!). No camera to take pictures. My mobile is out of memory. Need to find the wires to download pictures of grandchildren etc before I can use it again.
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  • elantanelantan Forumite
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    hubby just informed he he has finished another aftershave...he informed me with such passion i couldnt help but laugh ...i dont know whether to be happy or not ...happy he is finally using up the 2 dozen half used bottles that he has or worried cause i will need to go and buy more eventually:rotfl::rotfl::rotfl:
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  • kezloukezlou Forumite
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    Hi all well been good do far since the other day when i spent about £8ish on stuff, puff pastry and veg, cheese.
    Yes i cant make puff pastry tried and failed many times so now resort to buying it, its cheaper in the short run.Bought a double pack so used one yesterday.

    Anyway decided to use the sausage meat that been in the freezer for a few months so thought i would post it up here.

    Sausage and stuffing plait.
    1 large onion
    4 cloves of garlic
    1 pack of sausage meat (494grams)
    1 pack of puff pastry
    1/2 small pack of sage and onion stuffing

    Fry onion and garlic, whilst cooking mix stuffing with some water, till cooked.
    Mix the above with the sausage meat.
    Roll out pastry into a rectangle shape.
    Fill the middle of the pastry with the meat mix, then fol pastry over into a sausage roll shape.
    Place onto a greased baking tray and cook till pastry is brown, about 25 mins.
    Serve hot or cold.

    The above did us two meals with extras for the boys.
    I served it with veg, mash and gravy for one meal and chips and beans the other.

    Got about 12 bags of asparagus in the freezer in the as well as loads of leeks whoopsied from Mr M.

    The summer holidays are here :rotfl:and its been raining for 18 hours straight, everywhere is flooding.
    Grrr stinking rain grrrr
  • searching_mesearching_me Forumite
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    not been on but blow as i said before ive finally realised the error of my ways ive planned all meals for the next month on my tesco shop my august starts tomorrow so
    mrs m pop me down for £200 for august ...
    this time im doing it i managed 11 nsd's altogether last month i want more and will do so x
    :)Still searching .....:)
  • JulimkJulimk Forumite
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    My name is Juli & I am a cookbook addict … and I know there are a few others on here. :p

    I didn’t have any actual grocery spend today. But I was meeting a friend for coffee after work (no cost to me) & as he was late I wandered into a nearby bookstore (Waterstone’s), which had Caribbean Food Made Easy for half price.

    I have Indian Food Made Easy, though I prefer her earlier book Indian Food Everyday, which is well used. And I have Chinese Food Made Easy, which is also well used. So it seemed obvious that I ‘needed’ to buy this book (& I am 1/16th Caribbean! LOL)

    Read it on the train home & loads I want to try, especially the fish dishes & first the fish pie with a sweet potato & coconut topping!
  • MadamMim2013MadamMim2013 Forumite
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    Hi everyone
    Thanks for all your support, just to let you know the move is underway with everything getting packed and boxes galore!!:eek:
    It was a no spend day for me grocery wize so I'm happy but I thought I'd appologise in advance for my upcoming absence.....:o
    It's gonna b a while before I'm gonna catch up with spends for this month to update online but I'll be put down for
    £250 in August please Mrs M x Thanks
    I'll catch up with you all as soon as I can!
    Keep up the good work everyone:T
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  • CommitedToChangeCommitedToChange Forumite
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    Hi Juli - I'm Julie and I too am a cookbook addict! - I love them - just reading them makes me feel nice and warm :D

    Well I'm not going to stay within my budget this month :mad: but not too bad with the help of coupons at T's - its my veg bag and eggs where I can't get the discount.

    My lovely neighbor keeps giving me veg from his allotment - I give him all my veg cast offs for compost so its not a bad deal. Though I am overrun with courgettes at the moment :p however I did make a lovely courgette and tomato bake for tea with some bread to mop up the juices - yummy. I'm becoming more veggie by the day, though never completely.

    Typical cat though has decided that he doesn't like the tinned food I've switched him to - :mad: so will try another brand tmrw, he normally gets pouches but they're soooo expensive compared to tinned and it is the same brand -fussy !!!!!!. Also gonna nip to Mr S to try this 4p curry - bargain! I feel a courgette curry coming on :rotfl:
  • 1HANNAH1HANNAH Forumite
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    I know that feeling! hubby still has about 4 out of 14 bottles that were all on the go!
    Following :money: to keep us debt free :j
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