Anyone who did the moonwalk 2008?

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I'm planning on doing the Moonwalk next year so was hoping anyone who did it this year can help my planning. How much was the entry fee and the minimum sponsorship this year?


  • Bump! Come on there must be some MSE'ers who walked the walk this year.
  • Hi, I did the Moonwalk this year. It cost £42.50 to register, and I think the minimum sponsorship was £100. Hope this helps.
  • That's right. For your entry fee you get a t-shirt, bra, hat and lots of useful information including a walking training plan. You should really allow about 16 weeks of training before the event, with approx 3 walking days a week, building up to a 20 mile walk 2 weeks before the event.

    It's a great event, i'm going to do it again next year.
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    i done the moonwalk this year and it was £42.50 to enter. That covered you t shirt, hat, bra, training stuff, meal on night and your safety stuff like space blanket and paca mac :D minimum amount to raise is £100
    would love to win an ipad!
  • Why not just send £142 direct to an appropriate charity instead of paying some of the money to professional organisers?
  • In some respects, I do agree with you. Just send a donation and be done with. However, there is more to it than just making a donation to a charity. There is the personal challenge of completing a 26.2 (or 13) mile walk at night. It was damned hard work but without setting myself the challenge I wouldn't have got as fit as I did (I'm the kind of girl who doesn't usually exercise willingly), and the sense of achievement is something else. Also, the £100 minimum sponsorship comes from other people who perhaps wouldn't make a donation if you didn't do the moonwalk (IYKWIM).

    Hopeful Harry
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    I agree it would be sooooooooo easy to write a cheque, post it and conscious is eased for another year.

    But as has been said its about the health aspects of exercise - especially when you consider you can hardly get up out of bed and walk 26 miles.

    OP - if I were you I would register my interest on the moonwalk website.....doesn't guarantee you a place but at least you get an email telling you when registeration is open.

    I walked the London Moonwalk this year and it was a brillant night - imagine a sober hen night with 15,000 people (both men and women) and everyone, even complete strangers, supporting each other during the walk...... It is extremely well organised and the back up is second to none.

    And the feeling when you cross that finish line is unbelieveable!
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    I did the full Moon this year - never again! Though my fiance and his sister will do it again next year (her 5th time) - I'd only ever do the half in future and I thought I was relatively fit. Got shin splints after 24 miles and it took me 2 hours to do the last 2 miles. Raised £350 though!
    In all it cost us a lot as we had to fly from Birmingham to Edinburgh for it - and my fiance's flight was cancelled on the Sunday afternoon for no reason so they didn't get back until late Monday.
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