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July 2009 Grocery Challenge

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  • Well, I was a bit appalled last week how almost my entire budget got swallowed up in a Tescos big shop, so this week I thought I would shop locally for meat and veg first, so I only had to go to tescos for boring stuff. So set off yesterday evening to just get milk, cereal and something to unblock the bath which had been draining slower and slower (my dh has long long hair). As I left, DH said could I get some suncream as he is taking our sun to the beach. Then my daughter remembered that she had forgotten to go to the library and has a long trip on Monday for which she needs something to read. And then I remembered a couple of other things like rice and lightbulbs, and for some reason got 'impulsed' by some disposable gloves (for the nasty drain cleaner) and some miso soup mix....what was that about?! Anyway, ended up spending £90 - arrgh!

    However, the good news is that it would have been more if I hadn't been doing cash-only, and I'm still within budget, especially if I decide to define the sun cream as coming out of the 'holiday' budget! And the other good news is that the drain stuff really worked - I had thought we might need a plumber.

    Actually, I had also bought more meat etc than we really needed as I forgot that various members of the family are out at various points this week, and I still have a gammon joint I haven't cooked and half a slow-cooker curry left. But how can I spend more on 'nothing' at the supermarket than I spent on all the 'actual food' at local shops?
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    Sorry Caspar to hear about your mum ((hugs)).

    Well it's 5 days into the month and I haven't spent anything!
    Lots of things that want using up,the only thing i'll really need is milk tomorrow.
    Things are going rather too well :rolleyes:.
    ilovetea x
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    My thoughts are with you Casper for your sad loss ((hugs))

    Just totted up my totals from 27 June to 5 July

    £42.96 spent leaving £150.04
    final unsecured debt to repay currently £8333
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    HI I've got £85 left after spending £50 in Mr. T's and £25 in Mr.M's.
    When I was in MR.T's I used some of the vouchers from the Daily Mail so saved a fairbit there. I did give 2 vouchers away as I wouldn't have spent £10 on beauty products nor did I need loads of veg.
    We've really stocked up oon meat now so we have plenty to choose from.

    having the coffee problem again, it's shot up again hasn't it?
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    Hiya guys,
    Need to buy toilet rolls but have managed to stay away from the shops today and will wait til we've nearly run out. :D So a NSD :j

    HM Roast beef meals from freezer fir mr and mrs today, and I went to a friends for lunch so were doing very well.

    Was given some fresh veg so will defrost some meat, not sure what yet and do some bulk meals for freezer tomorrow:money:

    Mrsnowy, where abouts are you? the only time I've seen Red Kites was in Wales and I agree their very graceful and a joy to watch:D

    HWGA xx
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    hi...casper im very sorry to hear about your mum lots of positive thoughts coming your way from me

    on gc front its all gone to pot...insomuchas i cant be bothered to shop and now stocks are running low so will have to get off backside and go to the shops......i need to find some quick to cook stuff...think i might have a look at the fish counter tomorrow...quite fancy salmon

    im going to cook a sc chicken tomorrow and see how far i can stretch that during the week...might do a pasta bake with some and maybe a pie ...iv also got some bacon to use up so will need to get on to that.....the meal with a cooked chicken and crusty bread sounded lovely...i think ill give that a go with some salad out of the garden later in the week

    take care
    onwards and upwards
  • Hi
    Was going to have aNSD but we had run out of veg for tonight so went to MrT and got some more and other bits and spent £30.22 and that was nearly all on reduced stuff i.e. Spring Onions for 6p. Its the bloomin packed lunch stuff that sends the bill high :mad:

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    Casper:- sorry to hear about your mum. hugs to you and your family x

    Its true about the pack lunches its all the little things that add up.I started the kids back on school meals, saved me a fortune. Now i just make food up for OH.
    Well over the over the past few days of BBQ's decided to have jacket potatoes which was nice. Got fresh strawberries in the freezer yum yum.

    Slow Cooker Jacket Potatoes

    wash potato and !!!!! all over, wrap in tin foil. (i made 8 jacket potatoes)
    Place in slow cooker on high for about 5hours or on low for 7hours.
    All of them came out really hot, melt in the mouth yummo.
    the skin does not go crispy but they are really nice. The moisture from the potatoes stop from going really dry.
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    :cry: Ok so its all gone a bit Pete Tong now. Not a good start to my first ever GC!! Went to Mr T today and spend a horrifying £19.47 AND I will still need to go on Tuesday for some other bits and pieces (loo roll and BBQ bits for sat mainly). Trying to make myself feel better about the spend as I did buy 2 reduced prepacked BBQ bits which will help towards the weekend and I also got the choc, raisins etc for the charity baking on sunday :o
    Also nipped into Aldi for some of their super 6 as my son is a little fruit bat so topped up on their bananas, nectarines and some pears (not on super 6 but looked lovely - ooops)
    So today I spend a total of £21.76 which takes my total for the month so far up to £25.64. Not as good as I would have liked but still a fair bit left.
    Should prob also say that I get a discount as Mr T as I work there so it could always be worse.......
    Will now go and update my sig and maybe put the kettle on :coffee:
    Emma :dance:

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    NSD - target 18 days, so far 5!!
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    Hi All

    I've just left university - am lucky statr work on Aug 4th. However, I have £300 to last me until the end of August (payday) and it has to cover everything save for accommodation.

    I've also recently separated from my partner of 9 years (:(). As a result I have little appetite anyway! I've moved in with friends in to a house owned by a friend who kindly refuses to take rent until I'm earning. Downside, they are boys who live off take away, so little in the way of cupboard staples available.

    Anyway, I'm trying to live off £2 a day (food, toiletries, transport). I've had two spend free days this weekend.

    Any hints and tips on how to do this successfully? I've been living on toast, pasta and potatoes for the last week or so, and am getting a little bored!

    Thanks so much for your help :)

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