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July 2009 Grocery Challenge

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  • shelley_crowshelley_crow Forumite
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    Can I be added to the grocery challenge please? I am aiming to spend £150 or lessin July for me, OH and DS (4). This will be for everything except for animal food, we do have a lot of pets.
  • YorkielassYorkielass Forumite
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    £6 today on fish and chips :o - but I did have a kiddie portion :A
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  • kezloukezlou Forumite
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    Hi all been gorgeous here till today then thunder lightening and really heavy showers.think the camping might be off till next week. So far have spent £20 on BBQ stuff including the disposable BBQ's, salad, meat and wine :o naughty i know. But compared to what i would have spent eating out, i think i've done quite well.

    So i am determined only to buy salad stuff next week, so fingers crossed i won't spend too much. Most of the £20 was spent on salad stuff can't believe how much we eat!
    Oh tried this today with some really dodgy looking apples, blackberries and reduced mascarpone cheese. In all cost me £2 to make four deserts for a family of four + visitors.

    Mix 3 x 250 grams mascarpone cheese (i bought them reduced 50p each) with 1tsp of sugar and 1 tsp of lemon juice. Boiled brambles and six bruised apples together with enough water to cover and 1tsp of sugar till cooked. Blended bramble / apple together , then mixed it mascarpone cheese then fully blended. Placed mascarpone / berry mixture 3 tubs then froze it. Placed the fourth batch in a large bowl left to cool for about an hour placed some frozen strawberries on top. When strawberries were defrosted dished it out. Extremely surprised with the outcome, was very refreshing and light and fluffy. Perfect for a stuffy night, kids really liked it too.

    Oh sainsburys have some BBQ stuff on for 50p :-
    little gem lettuce x 2
    beef tomatoes
    whole cucumbers

    enjoy your weekend all!
  • kezloukezlou Forumite
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    Yorkielass wrote: »
    £6 today on fish and chips :o - but I did have a kiddie portion :A

    hmmm don't i'm trying to stay away from our local chippy! they serve the freshest and best cod money can buy!
    Bet they were nice though!
  • I spent another £11 yesterday, just needed salad stuff, milk and low fat spread. I had another NSD today. I need to buy some bits on sunday but I am happy with my spends so far.

    Debbie :j
    Debbie :hello:

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  • JanaeJanae Forumite
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    Small shop at Mr S's yesterday. Have already spent £105.35 this month without even doing a big shop. Is it my imagination or are prices going up again? Am also finding decent YS items harder to find. At least I haven't had to buy lettuce for the last month - that's one thing that is growing well although I haven't planted enough I've now realized!

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    Sunny_DonnySunny_Donny Forumite
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    £175 for July please Mrs M

    Have done two large shops in Lidl and off to town this afternoon for BBQ stuff and fruit from market.
    Got some good offers through the post from Iceland so will call in there before heading home. (have joined their clubcard promotion - ask instore). I have vouchers for stuff I actually buy which makes a change!!
    Doing car boot tommorrow to help towards cost of holiday which has to be paid soon, so hope the weather holds and lots turn out!!!
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    Morning all

    Still melting here -a thunder storm threatened yesterday -In the end it was 2 flashes and 3 rumbles and about a dozen rain drops :confused: -so this morning it is 82 degrees -indoors in the shade :eek:.....

    We nipped and did the shop yesterday :-
    1. 2 cumbers [email protected] 26c
    2. 2kg onions 89c
    3. 5kg pots €1.79
    4. 1kg toms 69c
    5. 2x500g plum toms @86c
    6. 500g organic toms 69c
    7. iceberg 26c
    8. 1kg carrots 89c
    9. 4 huge red peppers -97c
    10. celery 99c
    1. 4kg apples €2.86
    2. 1/2kg nanas 30c
    3. 2kg peaches €2.32
    4. 600g grapes €1.17
    5. 2 pineapple @ 99c
    6. 2kg nectarines €2.18
    7. 5 kiwi 95c
    8. 4kg oranges €2.39
    9. jar cherries (for my natural yog mmmm) 79c
    1. almonds 71c
    2. hazelnuts €1.25
    3. walnuts €1.52
    1. flour 35c
    2. crispbreads 49c
    3. 8 pouches rice €1.18
    4. 2 tins tuna €1.70
    1. 2 feta @ 71c
    2. 3 milk @ 43c
    3. 300g cream cheese 99c
    4. mayo 99c
    5. salad cream 99c

    36 x1.5lt sparkling water €6.48

    So a total spend of 44.69 -but then I had €7 deposits back -so €37.69 to add to the total ...
    Sorry for the long drawn out listing -but I sat last night and out of curiosity wondered what we spent on what and I was slightly shocked at just how much I spend on fruit (baring in mind its only me that eats it :o)... until hubby pointed out that I don't buy cakes, pastries, choc, crisps etc ... and even in this hot weather we aren't having ice cream/lollies -I asked hubby if he wanted any and he is happier with water -so Im happy enough now :D and some of that fruit "should" last more than a week ;)

    Lunch for us today is jackets stuck in the remoska (great not having to put the oven on) with salad and cottage cheese...and I wouldn't be suprised if hubby asks for the same for tea tonight :rotfl:....
    Right Im off to park my bum on the sofa and get some more of mums x-stitch done..
    Hope everyone is having a good weekend :D
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  • Coxy11Coxy11 Forumite
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    Small spend for me today in MrS. Got salad, coleslaw, pot salad, houmous and tortillas to go with tonights dinner. I'm going to roast a gammon joint and slice it cold, as DH is out with the scouts and DS2 has just gone to the cinema, so not sure what time they'll be home.

    As I said before, this month doesn't look good. The hot weather gives me no inspiration to cook so most of my staple meals planned for the month are a no no. I'm working 4 days next week, with the other day being spent on a school trip, so think my slow cooker will be making an appearance for spag bol. Otherwise I'm trying to keep it simple mealwise.

    Shame about Murray, but a result for me as DH decided that we should eat out last night (different budget).

    Off to update sig.

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    dreamer40dreamer40 Forumite
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    Done my 1st shop of the month and spent £33.55.

    Spent £10.27 at the local butchers, bought 2 x back bacon (roughly 6 nice fat slices in each pk), 3 x chicken breasts and 1lb of stewing beef.

    Spent £15.81 at Mr T's and £7.47 at Aldi's

    Didn't buy any cakes or biscuits, normally buy some, so I have made a coconut cake, baking as I type and the smell is lovely.:j Also took a rhubard crumble out of the freezer that has been there for a while,to make some room, planning on making tomato sauce later. There are a lot of tomatoes in my fridge I need to use.

    Pleased with my spend so far.

    Hope everyone has a lovely weekend.
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