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The Sky magazine includes a leaflet saying that customers getting broadband, Sky Talk and line rental from Sky will soon be moved to a new network with new terms and conditions, unless the customer opts out.

The leaflet gives a stark warning that accepting the transfer will make it very awkward to make changes to any services, because you'd have to be transferred back to the old network with possible loss of internet access for 10 days.

The leaflet lists no benefits in exchange for these problems. Sky simply says that they'll inform customers of any benefits later, presumably after the time to opt out has expired.

You have until 1st August to opt out. See . Presumably, another option would be to cancel one or more of the three services, such as going back to BT line rental.

Now the question I have is why on Earth would anyone sensible not opt out? Why would anyone want to lose the ability to seamlessly switch services or service providers, if the terms and conditions change again?

I'm not going to opt out immediately because I don't trust Sky's opt out system to be working properly yet. I'd like to get some feedback from others who have done it. In particular, I'd like to know if the opt outs are being acknowledged by Sky. I'm worried that I'll be switched over anyway. Presumably, if one opts out, one can opt back in at a future time, if there's an incentive.

It does look like Sky have lost the plot on this one.


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