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  • Okay, I've done it now! Sent my claim off to them. Ended up booking a economy 1.4L 2-4 door car with Europcar for £541.58. Then had a quote from Hertz for an economy 1.4L 2-4 door car for £224.97!

    So I've claimed for a refund of £633.22! Good if I can get it, they will confirm within 96 hours whether or not I'm succesful. I have 14 days to cancel without being charged so if it is declined, I'll cancel the booking. Will let you know how I get on! Fingers crossed!
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    They accepted my claim!! Here's the email they sent:

    Dear Mr ***

    After a review of your claim, in this instance, we agree that you do have a valid claim and therefore we will refund double the difference of £614.62.

    After the terms and conditions of the offer will be processed after the rental has taken place.

    In order for us to issue a refund, we will need you to contact us again after the rental has finished quoting your rental agreement number and claim reference (stated above ).

    We do genuinely attempt tor offer the best possible value car rental and will be passing on the details to our pricing department.

    We would like to thank you for choosing Europcar

    Kind regards

    Lowest price guarantee

    Slightly concerned that it took longer than the stated "96 hours" in the terms and conditions for a reply, and 2 chasers to the claims department speaking to people who were downright rude. And the language in the email doesn't fill me with confidence that it's a smoothly run, well administered process. As I still have to pay for the original booking and I get the refund 7 days after the end of the car hire, it's slightly worrying. But it's still confirmation, I'm getting the car hire for free (or they're actually paying me!) so I'm happy!:j

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    You have a valid email from them saying so and I bet it took longer because they were trying their hardest to find a way NOT to go along with the claim but as it states they accepted it. Congrats!
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  • We are getting the train in to Euston then hiring a car to explore the south west for a week, there seems to be a variation in price in collection points, I would prefer to get a train out of the middle of london rather than collect a car there and negotiate traffic at 8.30 am, :eek: but I can't work out the logic of the pricing. So where is it best to select your collection point ?

    Many thanks

  • Hi, can anyone give us some advice. We are going to Portugal in August and my husband is registered disabled and can only drive automatic. The prices are crazy - nearly that of manual - and I wondered if anyone knows of a website that offers "normal" prices for automatics. Also, isn't this discrimination against disabled people. We are having to pay more simply because my husband is unable to drive manual through his disability. Thanks:rolleyes:
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    I've noticed your post elsewhere. Just a thought - if there are any organisations that are specifically for the needs of disabled people. for example mencap for those with mental illness or saga for old people (please don't tell me off for generalising here) but perhaps they might have some sort of deal with car hire as they might do with home insurance etc
  • I have been given a fantastic quote for cheap car hire in spain knocking over £100 off my other quotes. All insurances and extras appear to be in order etc. My main concern is that we pay when we get there, not even a deposit is required, is this normal? I'm a little worried that we will be over a barrel when we get there. They have very good email communication and have verified the price I guess i would like a little reasurance! :confused:
    Has anyone heard of
  • I am looking for a good deal on 2 cars for 2 weeks in August in Polis, Cyprus. Using Martin's tips I have found a few attractive prices, but when you factor in the extra insurance, extra driver, booster seat and baby seat it increases the price humongously :mad:!

    Any tips on who can give me a competitive, truly all-in price?

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    Has anyone had any experience with Easycar or Hertzs? I am picking the car up from Gatwick airport over the christmas period.

    For example, for easycar i am thinking about paying the extra £30 which they offer to cover my excess, however do the guys on the desk still take the full excess from your card when you pick it up. i.e you have to claim if you have any problems.

    Any secondly, i like the look of Hertz deel to pay now and save 25% however they have the term "An allowance of 150 km per day (150 miles per day in the UK) is included in the price." Is this just on the pre-pay quote as i will be driving up to leeds. Does the quoe to pay on the day, unlimited milage.

    Finally, is there anyway to find out how much extra you can pay to have no excess fee. Easycar is the only one i can find which offers you this while booking online. I am getting the late flight i don't fancy trying to decide if i want to pay the extra to cover myself when its 22.30 and i am tired. The best way prob to get a hotel and get it tn the morning.
    I use multimatcher lazza which has the tab "bonus if 0-0"
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    Hertz currently charge from £12 a day for "Super cover" which covers your excess for damage through accident, vandalism or theft, except for lost keys or misfuelling. The advanced rate only includes 150 kms a day whether you pay now or on pick up.
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