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    Are you sure it's illegal? If the policy is paid for then the cost should be underwritten. I would understand if there were requirements for original receipts or if it said somewhere in the small print or if someone could explain how exactly this is illegal.

    I'm not worried about the admin.
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    My colleague gets the total cost of her contacts back through one of these Healthcare schemes (not sure which one at the mo) but I can't find one that pays out more than £100 a year - which wouldn't cover the cost of the ones I'm about to get :confused: Can anyone help?

    C xx
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    Does anyone know the best healthcare plan for claiming for the costs of homoeopathy and acupuncture?

    This looks pretty good
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    I currently use Healthsure and have found them great. Didn't see them mentioned in the best buys though.
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    Bump - any more suggestions on the best optical maximum?
    Thanks :o
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    Has anyone noticed how Westfield has increased it's prices by around 12% with no extra on payouts?
  • Can you belong to more than one of these plans thereby recovering all your costs?

    I already belong to AXA ppp cash back and wondered if I could also belong to Westfield.

    I now wear glasses and contact lenses, see a podiatrist and a oseopath.

    I always get more than my £115pa costs back.

  • just read the recent posts, the only thing I seem to remember is that when i JOINED axa i had to declare any other private insurances!
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    I have been with Westfield Health for just over a year,with 6 months of this being a qualifying period and now they have sent an email saying the premium is rising with no higher payouts and you will only get 75% of the payment instead of 100% on every thing othe than Dental and Optical. I think this is a con and can anyone reccommend an other policy that is good and pays out 100%.
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    Was looking to get some contact lenses next week - just made appt at D&A. Will try westfield to see if i can get money back. ANyone know if you are tied into a minimum contract period?

    Might as well make my dentist appointment as well!

    UPDATE _ Just spoke to a v helpful woman at westfield who says that as long as i apply online and set up DD to go out before 14 July i willbe covered for treatments from 1st July - payment for July will be taken with August payment.

    So gonna go for it! Does it make sense to order and pay for 6months lenses in one go and claim once rather than claiming each month? Also need quite a bit of dental work doing, so may go for a more expensive plan... will have to talk to hubby tonite!

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