Thomas Cook: holidays "safe" despite owner's insolvency



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    I'm pleased to read that I'm not the only person who is not happy with the way MSE are reporting the Thomas Cook/Arcandor issue.

    As I stated earlier, I'm not worried about my holiday but articles such as the one that MSE Guy has referred to will only cause more worry for people like gabyjane.
  • Hi,

    My brother is getting married next month and has asked people for Thomas Cook vouchers instead of wedding presents. I don't want to worry him unnecessarily but IF Thomas Cook did go bankrupt or anything then what would happen to all their vouchers? Do you think it's still a good idea for them to ask for these or what are the risks?

    Any advice appreciated,

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    Don't worry him Thomas cook are doing very well in the current climate, all the trouble is because the major shareholder is bankrupt. There are still other shareholders with a 47% holding between them and i suspect manny fontena novela (not spelt right methinks but anyone in the know will know who i mean lol) the CEO of TC and his buddies will probably buy 5% so no other company has the largest share of the company. Im booked for april 2010 with TC and not worried and i buy vouchers all the time. Let your brother have a great day and hopefully he'll get enough vouchers to have a fantastic holiday.
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