What to do if you've been affected by the XL collapse



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    I have today received my refund into my account, less (unfortunately) the credit card fee.

    Good luck to everyone still waiting - don't give up, try your MP (it will take their minds off other things!) and keep at 'em!
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    Igot through by phone last week, after trying two days running , Igot told that everything was waiting for thomsons to send the final information to them. we booked new flights through thomsons so im not sure what they need from them.
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    I've been emailed today to say that my claim has now gone from CEGA to CAA in London, so can I expecta few more months of waiting?!?!

    Good new for you guys that have got your money. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the rest of us!
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    JenC - that's what I was told, that my case had been passed to the London office along with 8000 other cases. Originally they said it would speed it up, the next time I chased it they said they couldnt access the paperwork as it hadn't been scanned. The last time I spoke to them they said it could be 'a few months'. This is when I contacted my MP - I've never done anything like that before but it certainly worked for me. Worth a try!
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    I am in the same position as well, my claim has been moved to London along with 8000 other I have been told too, the reason they state is to speed up the process. But nothing seems to be happening at the moment. Did try to phone again today bit no luck. Are you with Freedon flight the same as me.
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    Hi Guys,

    I'm wondering if anyone can help, as I feel like I'm being thrown from pillar to post between my Credit Card and the CAA for trying to get the money back froma package holiday I bought from a agent selling XL airways packages.

    The total amount is £450 ish, and I'm just getting told by my CC company that it's a matter for the CAA and ATOL, but they're saying that they wont process it snice it's the credit card's responsibility.

    Can anyone help ? I know the deadline is september, and it's getting closer and closer :(

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