Can anyone help solve my mistake?

I was trying to remove a radiator to do some decorating and the nut on the Lockshield valve was stuck. I put some WD40 on it, twisted hard and have broken the pipe just under the valve.

It's upstairs so the water that trickled out went onto the floorboards so I turned off all the radiators in the house and the stop-tap hoping that this would temporarily stop the leak. But the water is still coming out very slowly. I can't catch drips because it's mainly running down the pipe and under the floorboards.

What can I do to solve this?



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    Tony if you want to stop more water running out you will have to stop water from going into the system.
    Assuming you have a top-up tank in the loft- tie up the ball valve so that it does not allow any more water in. (Put a piece of wood across the tank and tie the ball valve to this) Turn off your boiler and drain the central heating system so that the upstairs radiators empty and then you will no longer have a leak. Call a plumber to repair the damage.
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    You need to shut off the stop !!!! to the header tank (usually the small tank in the loft). Or tie up the ball valve if the stop !!!! is siezed.

    Then find the drain point at the lowest point of the system, usually by the back door or front door. Attach a hose to this open the drain !!!! and drain the central heating system. Get a spare washer for the drain !!!!, it'll need replacing - they always do.

    Replace your split pipe, refil the system, remembering to add inhibitor to the header tank to stop any further corrosion.
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