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The Great "Extreme MoneySaving" Hunt: How far do you go?

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Former_MSE_LawrenceFormer_MSE_Lawrence Researcher
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In these credit crunch times, how far do you go with MoneySaving? Whether it's making your own lemonade in restaurants (ask for tapwater with lemon & add sugar), the old ‘reuse teabags ten times’ or more – then tell us all.

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  • ThinkingOfLinkingThinkingOfLinking Forumite
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    I often sneak in my own snacks and drinks to music venues; I get away with water every time by saying I'm pregnant, and if I want to take cola or something, I say I'm diabetic. I'm actually hypo-glycaemic so it's not that far from the truth.

    I also request tap water (free) or soda water (free or about 50p a pint) when out. Healthy and cheap and no nasty hangover in the morning.

    The latest thing is I walk the 3 miles into town when I go, to save on the bus fare, but I get the bus back.
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    luxor4tluxor4t Forumite
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    We've swopped the same Xmas card with my parents since 1987 (1988?) as it was very expensive & innovative (= it played a tune!) when new. Now it is an Xmas family tradition, but a bit battered!

    I take an empty plastic bottle through the security checks at the airport, then fill it at the water fountain. £1.50 for a small bottle of water (needed for medication) is just robbery, even if it is once a year.

    For 13 straight years our annual 'holiday' was a fortnight staying with if that is not 'money saving' it is certainly EXTREME!
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  • I always take a packed lunch and snacks if going out for the day (or even part day). Not only does this save money but also means you know exactly what you are eating (shop bought sandwiches are usually full of butter, salt and poor quality ingredients).

    Some of you might say that this is not exactly extreme but in the eyes of quite a lot of people these days, taking a packed lunch is looked upon as extreme by such a lot of people (more often than not those that really should be taking a packed lunch!)
  • rubix_76rubix_76 Forumite
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    Depends on your opinion of extreme, but I once washed the car (well rinsed) with water from our 3 water butts (not all of them of course !) as we are on a water meter.
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    lilian1977lilian1977 Forumite
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    Not really extreme but a tip I picked up from the small things DF thread was to use your make up remover wipe to clean your sink and taps in your bathroom when you've finished with it. Double the value and keeps the bathroom spick and span!

    I also rescue empty Innocent Smoothie bottles and such like (the 250ml ones) from colleagues who have had them, rinse them out and then refill with Aldi's 69p 1 litre pure orange juice with bits to take to work - 4 days worth of pure juice for 17.25p a day, much cheaper!

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    rizla01rizla01 Forumite
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    MY OH baths every night in about 3 inches of water and leaves the plug in till the following morning and uses this to water her veggies.

    Also, 2-3 nights a week my OH and I get a great deal of excitement raiding the local Greengrocers waste bin. Its like Xmas every visit.

    It all started when I received a Juice Extractor (for free) from Freecycle.

    Now, bruised apples get juiced for a fantastic drink. Strawberries are usually good enough to eat but because there are so many and they also get pureed for sauce, jam, Etc or used to make strawbery ice cream.

    Mushrooms in huge quantities. They taste much better when they just start to discolour.

    Butter squash, Ginger root, Kohl Rabi, Swede, Peppers, Garlic. All thrown away.

    I could go through the entire list of what comes out of the bin but suffice to say that anything a greengrocer sells has been retrieved and most of it used.

    Beautiful food and totally free - and more than we can handle.

    Now. Do you have the nerve?:):eek:
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  • I'm with you on the packed lunches - I never leave home without tap water and stacks of egg sandwiches.

    Another extreme habit of mine is spotting fruit trees on roadsides (not on private property) & taking any ripe fruit home with me. I then use these to make alcohol, jams, jellies & chutneys - most of which go into Christmas hampers for family.

    A particular favourite last year was the tarragon jelly - perfect caramalized on grilled chicken breasts or as a glaze for carrots. Apples from the roadside & elderly tarragon from the dusty jar in the spice rack. Job done.

  • zeegomanzeegoman Forumite
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    This is not new nor extreme unless your MIL lives just down the road. In the 60's & 70's our family holidayed with relatives and vice versa for years. But as a kid it doesn't matter where the holiday location is and we the best holidays of my life! Unfortunately this is no longer an option.
  • I_Love_ShoesI_Love_Shoes Forumite
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    i work in a fashion shop, people often go in to the fitting rooms and when they get changed money falls out their pockets, so when im doing security checks i pick any pennys up from the floor. ive made about £25 doing this over 6 months! my car appreciates the fuel from all my pennys lol
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  • kings981kings981 Forumite
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    If we go out for the day or driving somewhere far, I always take a thermos of tea and a few biscuits or homemade flapjack in a tupperware box. Rather than pay the exotortinate amount at a service station/coffee shop.

    I steam off the unfranked stamps. I work in an office so deal with quite a lot of mail, and never buy stamps for myself. To get the stamp off the envelope place on a saucer and cover with boiling water, this melts the glue then dry the stamp and stick on the clean envelope using PVA glue.
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