What Snack/small meal are you into at the moment?

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  • PretaniPretani Forumite
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    tuna and spring onion sandwiches are nice, wee drop of mayo and salad cream added.

    Hard boiled eggs chopped and mixed with butter and cream is also very tastey

    fish finger sandwiches dipped in chicken cup a soup, hmmmmmmm!
  • Pizza made on bread. It tastes amazing! Basically, just get a thick slice of bread, put sauce on it, then put cheese and other toppings on it of your choice and put it under the grill!
  • giovannigiovanni Forumite
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    I am loving MIKADO at the moment for a little biscuit every few hours :)
  • Penny-Pincher!!Penny-Pincher!! Forumite
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    Cottage Cheese on Toast or Crackerbread
    HM Coleslaw
    Spicy Couscous
    Cheese & Crackers
    Crumpets & Butter
    Ham rolled with cheese inside

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  • GingernutmegGingernutmeg Forumite
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    giovanni wrote: »
    I am loving MIKADO at the moment for a little biscuit every few hours :)

    Ohhh, I got addicted to those when Saisbury's had them half price. They're a bit too dear now though so I'm suffering withdrawal :(
  • Golden Syrup and crunch peanut butter on toast!

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    RainForest_2RainForest_2 Forumite
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    I_luv_cats wrote: »
    Ainsley Harriott does Couscous that you mix with hot water, there are a few flavours. I find it tasty and buy when on bogof.


    I buy tesco cous cous kilo bag, come out much cheaper, all you need is add hot water to get it done, I mix in different stuff:
    for sweet - some raisins, honey and cinnamon, or banana slices, or pieces of apple - yum yum

    for savoury- stir fried some onions and frozen veg, if i get some frankfurters on sale chop some in, or add some stir-fried bacon; many times instead of water i pour some stock made outta cube- for different flavours.

    Also I put it in mayonaised salads for extra nutrition.

    Main trick is not to add too much water or it becomes soggy!

    Cous cous is my wonder ingredient, my OH is always amazed at the versality... :)
  • Chris25Chris25 Forumite
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    cheese and crackers
    or grilled tomatoes on toast - my all time favourite fast food snack :)
  • phunklesphunkles Forumite
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    Cheese on Toast with red sauce :)
    nom nom nom

    Eggy bread with red sauce
    nom nom nom

    baked beans cooked put in a bowl - add slices of cheese to the top - stick under the grill til the cheese melts and eat with bread and butter nom nom nom (NB the bowl will be hot after grilling)
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  • babs2008babs2008 Forumite
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    RainForest wrote: »
    for sweet - some raisins, honey and cinnamon, or banana slices, or pieces of apple - yum yum

    I'd never even thought of using cous cous for a sweet meal/snack. I can't imagine it, so I will just have to try.
    Looking forward to the future.
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