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    Be aware that if you start claiming a lot and for all of the benedits the Company reserves the right to cancel your policy and / or move you onto a policy that might not be as good.
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  • Could someone tell me which health club they would give discounts on (nottingham area)?

    I'm tempted to join but need more info to make up my mind :confused:
    Many thanks
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    Can't say that I can see a plan on Westfield that matches what's mentioned in the newsletter. Given that I'm mostly looking for something that pays back on routine dental care it doesn't look brilliant.
  • Hi, I am currently in full swing of a fixed brace to straigthen my teeth. I am having it done privately and paying as I go. I arranged prior to treatment with the consultant the price of £4000.
    I have had the brace on for 3 months and can expect another 3-9 months.
    Does anyone know if I can open a plan which I am able to claim back some of the costs??
  • I currently pay monthly for dental treatment to a private dentist which covers the cost of twice yearly check ups, would I be able to claim anything back for this?
  • WPA is an excellent option. Their HTU cashplan was Insurance Product of the Year across the board, not just for private medical insurance plans. If you take WPA's HTU (Health Top Up) plan level 2 at £15.00 per month, or £180.00 per year, you can claim up to a massive £3,070.00 per year. That is a Value Rating of 17.05 by my reckoning.
  • While these are good plans, one of the oldest is missing!
    HSF health plan is a good value plan and covers the whole family including as many children as you have for one low price. I currently have a plan that costs just £6 month and I can claim (if needs be) up to £1400 a year!!!!!
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    I'd say check the percentage payback amount... are you getting 100% or 75% or 50% payback on your claims

    and also the total you could claim on certain benefits... I get loads on Physio from Westfield - over a grand a year... it's a lot less on some of the other plans i looked at - they've got immediate benefit at the minute which is a bonus as well
    I enjoy spending more than saving! :confused:
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    A lot of these plans pay out to cover opticians and dentists (a service I use twice yearly so would definitely claim back every year.) If I was registered with 4 plans could I claim 4 times for my dentist and optician bills (once on each plan) all of which equal higher than my premiums on each plan, therefore I would be profiting on each plan each year? (Is this legal or fraud? I don't want to do anything illegal.) Would I need to supply original receipts, not copies.
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    Alexjl wrote: »
    If I was registered with 4 plans could I claim 4 times for my dentist and optician bills (once on each plan) all of which equal higher than my premiums on each plan

    don't think this would be legal dude... plus quite a bit of admin / pain for you
    I enjoy spending more than saving! :confused:
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