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June 2009 Grocery Challenge

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  • scotsaverscotsaver Forumite
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    sistercas wrote: »
    they sound lovely, any chance of posting a recipe please :D

    Hi sistercas - the recipe is handwritten in my little book which means I copied it from the Internet/a friend or on here, apologies to whoever gave it to me as I can't remember but here it is.:o

    Coconut Flapjacks

    8oz Porridge Oats
    5oz Brown Sugar
    4oz Margarine
    3tbsp Golden Syrup
    Pinch of salt
    4oz currants
    4oz Dessicated coconut

    Melt marg with the sugar and syrup until dissolved, stir in all the other ingredients and put in a tray 8" x 6" and bake for 15 mins at 180 degrees. Cut into squares and allow to cool.

    Planning a nice day in the garden today to look after my veg etc and a general tidy around, looks like the first of my lettuces will be ready for the weekend.:j

    Dinner tonight is a mixture for everyone, leftover Beef Casserole for OH, leftover Lasagne for DD2 and found a box of Faggots when I did Freezer inventory yesterday so they will do DD1 and myself with some nice mash, carrots and peas & sweetcorn.;)

    Have a good day everyone.:D
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    karenccs67 wrote: »
    Did you put the vinegar in the rinse aid bit and how much lime peel did you use? I'd love to try it.

    Hi karenccs67

    I put the vinegar in a little glass bowl on the top basket and the lime peel next to it. I used under half a lime peel (what was left after my bottles of beer at the weekend;)). I then ran it empty on a hot cycle. Don't put the vinegar in until after the pre wash though.

    I had posted a question on the questions thread and was given a useful link to a thread about cleaning dishwashers OS. There was some tips on replacing your usual rinse aid with vinegar which I will try when my Mr T discount brand stuff runs out as I have had the vinegar under my sink for years!

    The question was only posted this week if you want to have a look back on the questions thread for the link. If I was any good with technology I could have added the link for you:o

    Hope you get a good result with it too!

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  • hermoine_2hermoine_2 Forumite
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    Hi all

    Best laid plans and all that.

    On Tuesday DD3 aged 11 broke her arm and we required an overnight stay in hospital. The money I spent! The hospital do not provide anything for the parents apart from a bed! Years ago when my others (24,22, and 20) had various hospital stays a lovely tea lady used to come round with cuppas and a friendly smile for the parents and the nurses would get you some toast in the morning so that you did not have to leave your child to eat your breakfast, and there was a parents kitchen where there was coffee, tea and biscuits that you could help yourself to while you were there and replace or leave some cash for replacements when you left.

    So altogether including parking I spent £20 on just making her comfortable and me sustained!

    The PCT seem to have no concept of the fact that in an emergency you do not have time to plan to pack, food, nightie, toothbrushes, toothpaste etc and the shop is soooo expensive.

    Then we were told that we could have meds prescribed to take home ie painkillers but it would be a 4 hour wait for Pharmacy so best just buy them on the way home. £11.40 in Calpol and Pead Ibuprofen. As they knew we would go home why do they not order these things early in the day so they will be ready for you to take home.

    I cannot knock the medical care but the "care in your crisis" is terrible. I think that they would see the parents literally faint with hunger and thirst and not even offer water!

    So £31.40 + £84.49 = £115.89/250

    This is not looking good.

    DD3 is feeling much better today. I am frazzled.


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    OrkneyStarOrkneyStar Forumite
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    Pauper1 wrote: »
    Ahh I came across this one today, and was very tempted.. but put off by the hard work!!
    I think I may go re-visit, and does anyone know if there is a meal-planning type thread in the OS section?

    Personally, HustonKW, I think Asda sounds like a great day out! Food, cafe, clothes, homeware... I was so excited when we had a new one open near work, we were told it would be two stories high! Then I went to visit on opening day, and they'd cheated and just put the cafe on a verandah type thing above part of the clothes section. I was gutted. :( oh dear, how sad am I!
    I did flylady for a while, it is in levels so you don't have to over-do it. I gave up mainly cos of my temperamental back meaning some days I cannot do anything, other days I do everything lol. They are a nice bunch.
    The mealplanning thread is started new every week, sometimes it falls off a bit so you might have to look on the 2nd or 3rd page. I would link it for you but posting in a rush......ETA Here is this weeks thread :).
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  • Molly41 wrote: »
    Hope you dont mind me joining in. I have been lurking for a long time! I have four huge adolesents at home and husband as well as me - 2 doggies and 2 guineas. How much do you think you should spend per person? Not exact figures but just an idea or opinion would be much appreciated.

    As regards Costco - We have been members since Sept 08 and recouped our money within a few months. They also sell a lot of other stuff. we just bought a new kettle from C which cost 29.99. In John Lewis it was 54.99. I also bought a duvet set fro my son at C costing 19.99 which I had seen in football mag for 60 quid!!! So it is good value. I just have to be ressussitated (SP) after paying but then do have to remember to spread it over the month.


    Hi Molly.
    What I would say is for this month keep all your receipts for your shopping, unless you know roughly how much you spend. Not sure if your including just food or cleaning stuff and toiletries. And at the end of the month you'll see how much you've spent and maybe see areas you can cut back on. Then next month set yourself a target.
    But for 5 big hungry men, I am not sure. I have one hungry man and he eats loads! Do you buy stuff for their lunches as well? Like many on here i'm a great believer in meal planning, I do mine monthly, others weekly so I only buy what I need. Otherwise I would buy lots of meal ideas and run up my food bill.
    I do a big stock pile at the begining of every quarter then the next 2 months are quite low spending, so even though it does look like I spend much I have loads of food here! So I guess it's hard to estimate our monthly consumption of food. But probably around £120 maybe for two of us.

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  • nickynoo08nickynoo08 Forumite
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    Did my first shop of the month monday and went over my weekly budget by £12, me and my mum normally go shopping every monday but we cant go next mon so had to get a bit more in to see us through. I should only need milk, fruit and maybe bread next week so we should be ok budget wise.
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  • fletch3163fletch3163 Forumite
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    Hello everyone

    Up the wall this month and hanging by a thread:o so I've cherry picked reads the last 8 pages or so (apologies to all).

    Not sure how my GC is going to go this month because I'm having to subsidise my MIL at the moment. She's been doing a good ostrich impression this past six months. I've unearthed some :eek: stuff to the tune of her owing £4.5k (mortgage arreas, Greenwoods:mad:, Loans, etc). I've just paid almost a grand to get her out of the bit but will make sure she pays me back.

    Why do I live the frugal life to get a bit of a financial cushion, only to have to give it to someone who calls competition lines and pays £1.99 for the privelege of using someone else's ATM machine? I feel kind of selfish for thinking it BUT I am mad at having to do it.

    Anyway, rant out (sorry). I'll go and try to dissect the receipts.
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    DP is also like this, he seems to always be eating at the moment, I don't know what to offer him that is cheap and not going to increase his expanding waistline any further.

    I would make fat free fruit cake. Not for my DH though.

    DH is very thin at moment so I am trying to build him up but without spending on expensive junk food.
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    cw18 wrote: »
    As long as you have the money in the bank to allow bulk buying of things, then do so to make full use of the offers - and split the cost over however many weeks/months the item will last.

    The iced Danish Pasties are to die for -- just a shame they only come in trays of 12, as a full tray (kept hidden so no-one else knows I have it) never lasts more than 36 hours in this house :eek: (Would love to be able to buy just a couple)

    You can freeze them - if you can hide them in the freezer of course :rotfl:I also buy the burgers (£10 ish for 48) and the packs of bacon approx 72 slices for £8.00 ish. The cheese is also pretty good value they do one which is £5 at kilo
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    Grrr - have just found a receipt from Monday from MrS. My milkman failed to deliver on Monday meaning an extra trip to MrS after school (was waiting all day in the hope that he was just running late). We also have builders in at the moment who are merrily drinking tea on an hourly basis :mad:.

    Cheese on toast for lunch today. Only my two sons here today (school shut for polling station), as DD has gone for a playdate with a friend and is being fed lunch ;).

    Making chilli and rice for tea, plus hm herb bread for the first time. Made the salmon and dill fishcakes for tea on Tuesday and they were lovely - every scrap eaten - thanks to everyone who posts their recipes here :A.

    Sig updated.
    Have a good day everyone.
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