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June 2009 Grocery Challenge

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  • scrummy-mummyscrummy-mummy Forumite
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    I came under by a tiny bit May so I'm going to try for £350 for June please Mrs M.

  • Ooooh la la! This is the first time I have let myself loose on a proper big shop! I had literally nothing left in the house to make a meal with so had no choice but to brave a big shop. I went to Farm Foods and stocked up on frozen stuff for £55.74, and next door to Lidl for a few bits for £2.88 so I'm waaaaaay over target for the time being but hopefully will catch myself up in a few days. I bought enough frozen stuff to feed us all for two weeks anyway.
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  • mouchemouche Forumite
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    First grocery shop on Saturday - technically my month starts today but there was no money left in the May fund so I'm calling it June.

    Spent £16.16 and picked up enough stuff to last this week and some extra. I've done all the cooking for this week's meals too so I KNOW we won't need to buy anything else.

    Also have about £30 worth of stuff coming in an Asda delivery tomorrow - heavy stuff that is difficult to carry home. Once that's in I hope we won't need to buy very much more till the end stages of the month when we're having a party at home. Am cautiously hopeful about sticking to the budget this month. fingers crossed.
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  • sistercassistercas Forumite
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    spent £2.39 on bread and bananas today bringing my June target to £167 :eek: and its only the 1st of June :o

    I am hoping that the remaining £7.41 will suffice for the rest of the week for milk and bread and then £30 week after that
  • scotsaverscotsaver Forumite
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    Apologies MRSMC - I haven't been logged on for over a week so missed the end of May GC, my total was £249.23 so just made it by the skin of my teeth. Can I please set June GC at £250 again please, already spent almost half of this as I've stocked up on loads and also had a trip to the Butchers.

    I have managed to read through all the Posts, sorry I've not contributed for almost 2 weeks but been busy with Half Term and been trying to keep everything tidy in the Garden, everything starting to look good, had some Spinach Beet with dinner last night and the first of my Rocket in my sandwich at lunch today.:T

    Dinner tonight will be Curry using some Pork left from last night and I'll add loads of peppers, mushrooms etc from the Freezer.

    Welcome to all the Newbies and I promise to be good and try to keep up-to-date with the GC.;)
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  • BoodleBoodle Forumite
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    Made a meatloaf for Sunday lunch yesterday and it was really very nice as well as frugal, so thought I'd share the recipe. It sounds like a lot of breadcrumbs to meat but it really does bind and still tasted rather rich.

    About 350g minced beef (I had close to 2/3 of a 500g pack left)
    250g fresh breadcrumbs
    1 tsp dried sage
    1 tsp dried mixed herbs
    2 tbsp tomato ketchup
    2 tbsp brown sauce
    1 beaten egg

    Mash everything together with a fork. Put in a greaseproof lined 1lb loaf tin and bake for 50 minutes at 200C.
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    Afternoon all :D

    Its soooooo bloomin hot here -I'm sweltering... anyway its the end of week 1 of june here for us and I have spent a grand total of €2.35 :rotfl:
    I was going to pick up a couple of bits today -until hubby told me it's a German bank holiday -so another NSD for me (shame ehh!!!) :T

    So hubby is going to pick up the few bits on his way home from work tomorrow or Wednesday...just need:-
    • iceberg -to subsidise my own grown salad leaves 60c
    • cucumber 60c
    • a red pepper 50c
    • 1 block fresh yeast 9c
    • 3 cartons fresh milk 1.65
    • a pack of butter 80c
    So should be about €4.50 ish.... and that should last us until the weekend when I will need to restock the fizzy water and a couple of other bits ;)

    Hubby is playing golf this afternoon -so I made a pasta salad with feta in for lunch to keep him going -it used up lots of odds n sods too, oh and there is a bowl left for my dinner if I want it too :j
    I have some baguette dough proving at the moment but instead of shaping into baguettes I'm going to shape into cobs (once I have done the rolling, folding, re-rolling bit) -The dough weighs 1400g so it will make 14 nice sized cobs for the freezer for lunches nomnomnom
    I just wish all the other veggies would start cropping -can't wait for the first tomato from outside mmmmmmmm
    Hope everyone is well and enjoying the lovely weather :D
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    earthmotherearthmother Forumite
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    Good afternoon - first sig update of the month - looks worse than it is.

    £84.14 is multibuys that I had delivered in the last couple of weeks and didn't add into Mays figure as I was buying with June in mind, if you see what I mean. It's long life stuff - took advantage of the Heinz 3for£1 beans and spag, and cheap weetabix, offers at Mr T, about 2 weeks of meals in freezer reductions, smoothies, juices etc for lunchboxes etc - all those things that add up fast.

    And I've just got back from my first proper shop of the month - £13.47 in the Co-op - bread, milk, sugar washing up liquid, black bags and Lucozade (tummy bug in the house - we only drink it when we're ill). Only the sugar was at full price, everything else was either on offer or yellow stickered, so I was quite chuffed with that :)

    Now I've got to decide where to shop for the rest of this week - I can use my triple points Sainsburys vouchers, or get Asda to deliver - in terms of money, both work out about the same, but with slightly different lists as there are some things I can only get at one or the other - I could have sworn the idea of these big stores was the 'all under one roof' theory, but it rarely works does it :rolleyes:
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  • meanmariemeanmarie Forumite
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    Just done my first shop of June and it came to €88.28...bought extra flour as Lidl have reduced flour to €.72 so have plenty for month except for some Spelt and wholemeal but Lidl don't stock them so that's another day's work.
    Barbecue this evening....OH bought chops and herby sausages this morning, will do steamed potatoes, salad and hm coleslaw and bake some fruit on barbie to have with ice-cream....great for my diet!
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  • OrkneyStarOrkneyStar Forumite
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    MRSMCAWBER wrote: »
    1 block fresh yeast 9c
    Those seem very low prices much is 9c in £'s and pennies ? I wish I could get yeast as cheap as that seems (and before anyone tells me, no I cannot get it for free up here :rolleyes:).
    I tried to make the baguettes according to your recipe, and they turned out quite nice, although that was nearly a year ago now (:o)- think I better get my hands a kneading again- stress relief and yummy bread lol!
    I have bookmarked your blog so will have a wee look at that re the veggies.
    x OS
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