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June 2009 Grocery Challenge

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  • cuddlymarmcuddlymarm Forumite
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    Can I join again please? I fell off the wagon before we moved house and just haven't got back on track. But I really must.

    Can I try £40 per week please? Hopefully I should manage on less but I still need to stock up the freezer and my youngest finishes uni for the summer next week:eek: so that will definately affect my food bill

    Have a lovely day everyone
    January NST 2/16
  • kezloukezlou Forumite
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    Hi all!

    Welcome to the members! You'll find loads of recipes on the front page, oh and you need help or advice just ask. The amount of times i have is unreal, and lo and behold these wonderful people always figure out a way to assist.

    Well i declare £179.68 for may on the thread, under budget but not by much.
    Could you put me down for £175
    please for june mrs m? cheers.

    Okay heres a recipe for me, my kids and OH love it so thought i would post it. It was the first i made them so a bonus all round really. No real measurements as i boiled a load of going south potatoes, just guesses.

    Potato Kebabs
    Peel, and chop potatoes then cube them.
    Place in hot boiling water and cook till soft
    Drain them (keep the pot juice for a soup or stew)
    Mash the pots up and leave to cool.
    Once cooled either mix up with curry paste or spices (will post up later)
    Heat oil in shallow pan (about an inch worth of oil)
    Pick up about a handful of spiced potato roll into a pattie shape about an inch thick dip in egg and drop into frying pan.
    Fry till browned on both sides and drain on kitchen roll.
    Repeat the above till all the spiced mixture is gone.

    I have frozen my leftover potato kebabs and i think should fine, but as i say i have no idea.

    Need to buy yeast today for the bread but that's out of the may budget, going to try and plant some more potatoes and other veg today but knowing my luck the boys will vomit again (poor things been stick in house for two days being ill).

    bye for now.
  • SmlSaveSmlSave Forumite
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    Morning! Please put me down for £150 . Spending totally out of control the last couple of months.

    Have to find time this weekend to list everything I've got in the cupboards/fridge/freezer
    Currently studying for a Diploma - wish me luck :)

    Phase 1 - Emergency Fund - Complete :j
    Phase 2 - £20,000 Mortgage Fund - Underway
  • Hi all, still doing this meal planner business. Taking a long time this month so can try and do the shopping list at the same time. Looked up this recipe for chilli from the first page but it has no method. Was posted by AngelNikki this time last year. I could prob have a good guess but wondered if there were any special instructions?


    Chilli makes 3 meals for 3

    500g mince(I use beef steak mince which I buy on 2 for £4)
    beef oxo cube (optional)
    some finely diced onion
    2 grated carrots
    2 handfuls of oats ( add 1/2 tin of water if you add oats)
    2 tins chopped tomatoes
    1or2 tins of baked beans (my mum always used to add these)
    1 tin of kidney beans (drained)
    tomato puree
    squirt of ketchup
    Chilli powder

    Sometimes I add mushrooms or peppers too if I have them.

    You could also add a couple of handfuls of red split lentils to spag bol/chilli to s-t-r-e-e-t-c-h it further. I never do because they take 30-40 mins to cook and I like to have dinner done in 20mins as I cant stand for too long.
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  • beasygirlbeasygirl Forumite
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    Hi this is my first time doing the grocery challenge, we kept all our receipts from last month in preparation for this challenge and spent a whopping £448.69 pence. :eek: A lot of this simply indulgence and included half term week where dd would usually have pack lunch.

    Please can you put me down for £350, (for 2 adults and 2 children). I really think this is managable and am very determined to complete this challenge as I can not justify spending anywhere like we did last month. :o:o

    Currently takling Barclaycard - £67/£350
    Debt free date October 2014
    :jDoing it for my girlies!!:j
    38lbs lost in 2011
    SW for May 8lb/7lb
  • nmlcnmlc Forumite
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    Morning all

    Have just done second shop of my June GC challenge. After last month's appalling overspend am trying to take it steady this month - have not managed to stick to budget any month so far! Have looked at situation again and with help from all you lovely people on here, I know that it should be easily do-able - I just need to do it! Am going away this weekend and staying with family so shouldn't be huge spends - just need to be realistic on Sunday evening when we get back. Have bought some breaded chicken that's now in the freezer and can be cooked from frozen so we don't cave in and order takeaway. Have done a menu plan for next week and have all the food in for that so shouldn't need to shop again until next Friday. The stock cupboard is really bulging - have had to stash bags of rice and pasta in other cupboards - but too much of a bargain not to buy.
    Weekend weather looks good, keep safe and well everyone - don't overdo the sun or the alcohol with the bbq!
  • XSpenderXSpender Forumite
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    First spend of the month last night £39.72 at Mr S including Antihistermines, cold tablets, face wash and sun tan lotion.

    A bit annoyed with myself though. I thought I had picked up 2 packets of £2.99 antihistermines on buy one get one free but picked up two at £4.63 not on BOGOF:mad:. I am sure they put the label with the offers under the non offer stuff so you pick it up and even if you notice it you won't take it back as its a hassle. Not me though, I am taking them back tonight! That will make my spend nearer £30.

    Mr T tonight to use a £12 off £80 shop. Will fill up the freezer as we have been eating out of it for the last few weeks. Have done my list on mysupermarket, chopped about £15 of stuff off the list, and apart from freezer stuff using this shop to stock up on dog food and loo roll and tins of beans etc.

    I am taking the calculator too! I want to be as near as the £80 as possible and not be swayed by too many deals.

    Save £10,500 - £2673.77 - 25.5%
    Pay off £7000 - £1743 - 19.4%
    Make £2021 extra income - £99.75
  • angelnikkiangelnikki Forumite
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    Hi all, still doing this meal planner business. Taking a long time this month so can try and do the shopping list at the same time. Looked up this recipe for chilli from the first page but it has no method. Was posted by AngelNikki this time last year. I could prob have a good guess but wondered if there were any special instructions?


    Hi LMMS :)

    There's no special method; just brown the mince with the chopped onion, grated carrot and oxo. Add a squirt of tomato puree, cook for 1 min, then add the other ingredients and simmer :cool:

    I dont add oats to my meals anymore but I still get the same number of portions, by adding extra chopped veg instead ;) HTH

    Nikki x
  • rosiebenrosieben Forumite
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    Just updating the front page recipe list with more goodies! As promised on last month's thread, I've separated out the soup recipes into their own section ;)

    welcome to the newbies :hello:

    Have a great weekend everyone, and enjoy the sunshine :cool:
    ... don't throw the string away. You always need string! :D

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  • cheerfulness4cheerfulness4 Forumite
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    Part of the Furniture Combo Breaker I've been Money Tipped!
    Nice to start a new 'more frugal' month. :)

    MrsMc - think I posted a little late with my total last month so could you update my annual amount to being


    Now, must do better this month. :rolleyes:
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