Desperately Need Help!!

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    many uni,s actually have money from this fund left over as not many students know about it
    i think this thread is what you mean - OP have a read as this may be useful (although i think oldernotwiser is also pretty expert in access to learning funds too!)
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    I think first and formost you need to speak to the landlord letting agent and get this payment stopped, it serves no-ones interests to have the payment bounce. You seem to suggest that she will be getting a payment of £300 very soon, which sounds like a months rent, could this be offered to buy some time? Then I think you have to look into all the suggestions above, the hardship funds, work, selling stuff etc.

    There isn't a quick fix for this I think your girlfriend really needs to address her finances and not hide from them, (which is what she is doing at the moment by doing nothing).

    Can you clarify the situation though, is this an on-going rent on a property or is it a new property that you are securing over the summer?
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    Just a small thing here - the person isn't avoiding going home at all - by the sounds of it they are in exactly the same position in regards to rent as I am - in private accomodation, and have to pay rent 3 months at a doesn't matter if you aren't living in it, you still have to pay the rent!

    I can see that this is a different way of looking at it from the way I read it.

    However, I still don't think the ALF is going to just give someone £1,000 towards next year's rent, particularly in light of the cuts there have been this year. As an example of that
    "The Imperial College Access to Learning Fund has had it's budget for this year nearly halved after a 'change in priorities' cost the fund £100,000. "

    Most of the other thread consists of posts that are between 1 and 3 years old and the majority (not all) of people who were helped were lone parents and students with a disability. By all means apply, but don't be too optimistic.
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