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Updated Printable Money off Coupons & Policies Thread 5 (and chat)

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    gratefulonegratefulone Forumite
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    madmuppet5 wrote: »
    They stock it in Mad's local T's (not an extra) Grateful. Had a young old trout scrutinise me coupons too. So for me it's good to go :T:T:T

    Thanks MM5 for the reply. Glad you have had some joy with this. Now I know it is good to go I may give it a try too. Hope you had a good weekend.

    PS Did you want the Milk Roll 15p coupon? Let me know if you do.

  • sher60sher60 Forumite
    2.2K posts
    C_J wrote: »
    Thanks to Mark83 who has started a thread elsewhere on this board informing us that there is a 50p MOC available from It's a couponnet style one (I can't print those, so no idea whether it allows you two or not .... but there is an option to have one posted out to you).

    Cheers for this C J!!:beer: It prints 2 and the expiration date is a month from now (25/6/2009)
    Murphy knows me too well and sticks to me like glue!
  • Amber84Amber84 Forumite
    17 posts
    As a newbie can't post links but may be worth registering with them - if I am right I have got a sample of little swimmers and coupons from them.
  • Amber84Amber84 Forumite
    17 posts
    another one that might be worth a try at registering as they say they will send moc.
  • nic.cjnic.cj Forumite
    123 posts
    Hello just thought I would pass on the email I received today from Tesco head office, after I queried why I keep getting different responses from my local Tesco:

    I'm really sorry but this issue is not as straight forward as it seems and there is not a single policy document which covers all the coupon issues.

    If you have any problems in future the best thing is to ask at the customer service desk where they should be able to clarify any issues. They have access to the same information I have so they should be able to give you an consistent answer. A store manager however has the final say on whether coupons are to be accepted or not and his staff will be aware of his decisions. This may lead to the variations you have been aware of.

    Branded Coupons. You can use these without buying the product but only one provided the offer is still valid, the conditions are met and we have the product in stock. If you want to use more then you need to buy one qualifying product for each additional coupon you use. We don't accept damaged, copied or defaced coupons nor do we accept competitors coupons e.g Asda ones. We will however accept Internet offers provided the conditions of the offer are met

    Clubcard Coupons. These can only be used with the products or service shown on the coupon e.g. money off a Tesco product if bought before a given date or £3 off if you spend 30 or more in store.

    Till Receipt Coupons. These can be used in the same way as Clubcard Coupons e.g 2p per litre off petrol when you spend more than £50 in store say. Probably only valid for 7 or 14 days from date of original purchase.

    Coupon Refunds. These will normally given as moneycards unless the goods can be exchanged or coupon can be reissued

    We also have Community coupons, Luncheon Vouchers and Healthy start Vouchers, but as these are not so common I've only mentioned them to make you aware they exist.
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  • gratefulonegratefulone Forumite
    173 posts
    aquarian wrote: »
    Hey Gratefulone

    I was sent something which I havent seen yet but am pretty sure it isnt the PDF. But yeah. I guess, sorted.


    Hi. Let me know if you need any further assistance.

  • poshnoshposhnosh Forumite
    223 posts
    " I had to take everything off the conveyor belt and go back and re-shop for a few things".

    sher, why did you do that? You should have said "if thats the case, I'll just have to re-shop" and left everything on the meany s.a's conveyor belt and let her deal with putting it all back as well as ple in queue giving her dirty looks. She wud have felt gutted and wud think twice about opening her big mouth next time to you or any other couponers nxt time..........
  • hogsheadhogshead Forumite
    2.2K posts
    Not sure if this works all the time but re Couponnet I firstly opt for the 'dont have a printer' option so that they post me one then I click back & do the 'print my coupon now' option.
  • poshnoshposhnosh Forumite
    223 posts
    I have 2 x 1.45 euro coupon off DryNites so if any1 actually buys this or if its accepted in any other store then plz pm me as my local t's dont accept these and the bar code is NOT 99, ITS 98
  • sher60sher60 Forumite
    2.2K posts
    In case some of you good folks haven't noticed, the 50p Velvet coupons will be ending on 15/6/2009. They have updated the site about 3 times now since the coupon first appeared on their site but I don't know if they will update again to allow the coupon to last longer. As it stands now, it is finishing on June 15th.:(
    Murphy knows me too well and sticks to me like glue!
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