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Hi all

I am part way through an IVA. I have just been offered a job in the Far East and have a few concerns/ questions that I am hoping someone may be able to help me with.

Firstly, I will contact my Insolvency Practitioner to make sure that it is ok for me to move and work abroad.

The company I am moving to intend to pay me a local wage and an additional offshore amount. I am hoping that I will be able to get a local account.

However, for the offshore amount I will need an offshore account. This can be a UK account, however my present account is with the cooperative bank (cashminder account) and I think the t&c's state that I need to be a UK resident to hold the account. Does anyone know of a bank that will be likely to offer me an account as a non-UK resident?

I think I'll get a pre-paid credit card as well to offer more flexibility - there appear to be a couple that don't charge for foreign withdrawals, however I think you need to be a UK resident for them as well.

Also, does anyone know whether my IVA will cause difficulties in the VISA application process?

Thanks all.


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