'What should we pay our MPs?' poll discussion

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  • Why shouldn't we pay them more - they are running the country after all? Knock back the number of ways they can claim expenses - pure basics for the job only (not for living!), really crack down on that. Independent administrative procedure for any expenses, backed up by receipts, bank statements (just as joe public has to when applying for benefits). Complete openness brings trust.
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    At this point, my wife and I are sitting and waiting patiently for a GENERAL ELECTION!

    But the expenses scandal is right across the board - MPs from ALL parties have done it so how will you know you will be voting for a trustworthy party. You may be voting in a squeaky clean MP for your area but the country is run by the PARTY.

    They are all tarred with the same brush!
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    Then each MP should be given a salary - pegged to something else (a district judge seems about right to me, similar level of high end public sector job - so that's currently £110,000). Those MPs with distant constituencies should be given an additional allowance for living in london and travel (this should be fixed).

    After that no more expenses are needed it can be paid out of their pocket.


    Agreed, but rather than a District Judge, let's use a Headteacher's salary, which ought to be at almost the same level.

    Then every time MPs fancy a pay rise, they'll be forced to make educating our children more rewarding as well.

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    I pretty much agree with Martin. And the system has to be completely transparent so that there is no suspicion of wrongdoing. A fixed overnight allowance maximum for nights stayed in London - possibly only paid on receipted expoenditure, but I would allow 1st class rail travel - it is so much more productive to work in a quiet, comfortable carriage.
    A good number of MPs have acted very badly but I still believe that most work extremely hard, with long hours including most weekends, in a pretty thankless job.
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    Its a difficult one i went for 80k but think that second homes are a no no MP's should come from the area they serve

    When they need to stay in the capital they should either stay in a travelodge or suchlike or as several people suggested Halls of Residence type places just for MPs (security etc)

    strange as we have been doing about Chartism at Uni and paying MPs was meant to stop corruption!!

    I do feel thatMPs should be payed in line with senior professionals like police commissioners judges etc as they do hold responsible positions and should be paid fairly however pensions and expenses need tighter controls

    My politics lecturer recently said " people who should be politicians don't want to be " i would say that ideological MPs get chewed up and corrupted by the system ...rememver yes minister???

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    there could be a reasonable argument in paying MPs a higher salary for representing the more distant constituencies. The higher salary would automatically include a fixed amount for travel subsistence and accomodation expences so that an MP from Aberdeen(example) would, after a weekly return flight to London & 4 nights in a reasonably located 3* hotel (or Travelodge/Premier Inn etc), be no worse off than an MP from Slough. Also, if they receive Martins emails and able to make regular bookings at Travelodge during offer periods they could make a bit on the side through savings to pay for breakfast - and who could fault them for that?
    I accept that MPs from afar who are promoted to higher responsibility would need an increased allowance to reflect additional security in travel and accomodation etc. without going overboard (but then our boys (and girls) in blue would be taking care of security thus creating more jobs in the Police). There is a silver lining after all.
    This may remove any temptation to buy a home just outside the M25 ring road in order to claim for a second property near Westminster.
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    I voted for around 100k, as I would want the people running the country to be paid a respectable amount. I'm surprised how many people think it should be voluntary! Being an MP is a job, and an important one at that. Not many people are going to want to work for nothing.

    If anything we should be glad that the MPs have done such a terrible job of cheating the system (quietly) :D In some ways doesn't that prove that they're not fraudsters by nature and we should pay them enough so that they don't have to file these amazing expenses claims?
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    Also the Speaker needs to be a non MP, no political badgering. How are his constituents needs met when he is too busy "sorting" westminster?

    I completely agree with that. Our current MP is Sir Menzies Campbell who is one of the names being tipped as the next speaker. I would dearly love the opportunity to show him the door at the next election but if he did become the next speaker, he would stand unopposed and we would not be allowed to vote. That makes me fume!!:mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:

    He basically said on Question Time that it was ok to claim these expenses in the past because the public didn't know about it.

    He also said that this expenses row was keeping real news off the front pages of the newspapers - e.g four british soldiers were killed last week in Afghanistan. EXACTLY Sir Menzies Campbell. And they can't even get essential and safe equipment to enable them to carry out their jobs, far less claim for toilet brushes, black out blinds and £373 worth of bed linen like YOU did. In fact many of our soldiers are earning less than £20k per year to put their lives at risk for no apparent reason. How can Our Honourable ladies and gentlemen polititians (Now there's an oxymoron) truly argue that they are worth £65k+ when this is the measly pittance our soldiers get??
    Politicians jobs are nowhere near as important as soldiers, nurses, doctors, police, firefighters, teachers etc. These people are taking care of the health and wellbeing of current and future generations.
    Politics is just a game. You can see them on tv laughing, cheering, booing and jeering each other like some particularly poor pantomime. At the end of the day, they meet up with their opposition pals and go out for a pint.
    Despicable creatures they are - the majority of them.
    There. Rant over (and not a single swearword in there either):tongue:
  • who on earth voted for them to have £50 million a year?
    please tell us why?
    worthy peops like doctors dont even get that!!!

    MPs :rotfl:
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    I work for one of the London local councils. Business Unit Managers are generally paid £70K to £100K. Directors are paid between £114K and £144K. The Chief Exec is paid between £144K and £165K.

    I am very worried that most people who have taken part in this poll think MPs should be paid £54K or less. The reason MPs have been fiddling their expenses is because they have been scared to pay themselves a fair rate for the job.

    We need to pay MPs a good salary - somewhere between £100K and £120K in my view, and essential necessary expenses to do the job, which must be supported with receipts. MPs must give up all other paid work when they enter Parliament, and place all their investments in blind trusts.

    The constituency home must always be the main home.

    Ministers, the Speaker, and anyone else with a "Grace and Favour" home or official residence, must get no other "second home" expenses.

    A London home should be allowed for any MP who represents a constituency outside of Inner London. The home should be on a shared ownership basis. Any capital gain realised when the home is sold should be split between the state and the MP in the ratios of ownership, and the MPs share should be subject to Capital Gains Tax. Subsidy should be limited to a 4 roomed home - allowing a bedroom, study, and two reception rooms. Longer term, Parliament should acquire a suitable permanent accommodation for MPs (maybe to a CPO on Dolphin Square), which could be rented out to visitors/tourists during recesses.

    Parliamentary and Constituency staff should be civil servants, paid directly by Parliament. One should be a political assistant, the others should be non political. Anyone who is a close relative of any MP must not be allowed to work for Parliament.

    When you see that your MP has claimed £150K expenses for the year, you should understand that most of this goes on paying staff and office costs.

    MPs have enormous responsibility. Most of them work a long way from home, work long unsocial hours, and spend little time with their families. They all do two jobs - they sit in Parliament and they work in their constituencies. They should be properly rewarded.

    We should fund a decent salary by reducing the number of MPs to 400 or less as quickly as possible. We could then then pay them properly and reduce the overall cost.

    We should also give the Welsh Assembly the same powers as the Scottish Parliament, and create an English Parliament. The same MPs should sit in the national and UK parliaments, further reducing costs and dealing with "the Midlothian question".
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