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Sneaky Asda!

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  • i like most mums, trying to strectch the housekeeping, will notice when an item in asda goes up, unless your life depends onit, leave it. a week later it will be back to normal price. i havent noticed it too much in sainsburys. tescos used to be known, when i was a kid as tescos chuck outs. now tesco rip offs.
  • skiptonskipton Forumite
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    Tesco strikes again. Tinned peaches 3 weeks ago 28p, a week later they had gone up to 30p. This week 35p. I'll go without rather than buy them from here again.
  • MEMBER02MEMBER02 Forumite
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    noticed other day in asda warburtons danish bread up to 75p from 64p:mad:
  • Blahnik39 wrote: »
    I've recently gone to Sainsbury's and found it to be a lot more reasonable than I thought, always went to Asda due to distance from home, it alway annoyed me that the shelves were half empty most of the time (Trafford Park) I made a comment in one of their customer comment books once why build it so big if they can't keep it stocked ! Obv didn't get a reply. Think I'm going to make the effort and go to Sainsubury's in future.

    P.s - 4 tins of John West tuna chunks in brine £2.49 at Home Bargains over £5 in Asda :eek:

    Asda Trafford Park never seem to reply.
    We go there when we're visiting our daughter and I bought some of their own make chocolate biscuits,the one's like penguins.
    Out of three packets,all different varieties two packets were out of date.One of them by nine weeks.
    I wrote and never got a reply.
    My daughter's wrote too and never get's an answer.
    I agree with it always having loads of empty shelves too.
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