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May 2009 Grocery Challenge

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  • HowlinWolfHowlinWolf Forumite
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    evening everyone. I thought it was about time I posted an update. After the big Mr S online shop, small in store shop with Mr S and a shop at L!dl I can report the we have £75.04 left from our £350 budget. The milkman has been paid and there is still a little left in the tin either to pay the window cleaner or put towards the next 2 weeks milk.

    The £75.04 does not include the £30 for the babysitter so actually we have £105.04 left from the shopping budget if we need it as dp and I will pay £15 each for the babysitter and put it back in the kitty. There is plenty food in the house and nappies and toiletries etc so I think we are doing quite well. I shall go and catch up with the thread now!
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  • BoomdockerBoomdocker Forumite
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    Hi Frugalswan, I think clutterydraw summed it up pretty well.

    I am fortunate not to have any debt however having just gone through a period of redundancy and only being 3 months into a new job I have a similar view that I still wish to be savvy where I can be without denying myself so that I can save and/or spend where I choose without any guilt.

    Thanks to discovering this site around 3 years ago I now have a small 'nest egg'. Not a huge amount but for someone who never saved it helped me through my period of unemployment so I totally agree that you should have a balanced approach to spending v saving. None of us know what is around the corner.
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  • orchid-96orchid-96 Forumite
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    Just popped on to update my plan to avoid my shop till tomorrow didn't pan out!! I really had to get out of the house yesterday for a while after the morning I had with my lot :rolleyes: anyway was already planning to get the aldi super 6 so though I may as well pick up any bits that are good there too...

    So spen £22.01 but did do pretty well, am going to meal plan today to keep any more shopping this week to an absolute minimum...

    Hope everyone is having a good weekend
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  • ifonlyitwaseasierifonlyitwaseasier Forumite
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    afternoon all,

    spent about £25 this week, overall.

    have a recipe for you all, Pea & Ham Soup

    which even my fussy hubby loved!!

    cooked two ham hocks (from morry's) in the slow cooker til the meat fell of the bones.
    soaked the marrowfat peas (500g bag) over night then cooked according to instructions.
    drained the peas, fried two chopped red onions, added 4 small chopped carrots and a little garlic. added peas and enough chook stock to just cover the veg.
    cooked for 30 mins (ish) and then blitzed up, ready to serve with chopped up ham sprinkled on top!


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  • dink1dink1 Forumite
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    Hi GUys,

    20 days left and I am determined not to go over budget this month (need to pull it back have been going way off course last few months) feeling comfortable at present as every cupboard I have is bulging with food but may not be so chipper later in month. Can anyone tell me if there is a thread with contents of of pantry to cook with or along those lines? Oh well happy weekend peeps.Dink1
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  • MadamMim2013MadamMim2013 Forumite
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    Having a grumpy day today! Nothing is going to plan....
    Have managed to finish off a few jobs in the garden, got plenty more to do indoors though..grr
    Made a loaf of bread, sorted and cleaned up kitchen, so I have done a little.
    Seem to be lacking in motivation.... any tips?
    So far a NSD!!
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  • Hi All.

    I started my month on Wednesday 6th and have only been to the shops once since then. I do however have some things left over from last month. I have spent £20.55 on food so far out of £200. I dont know how to do a signature so can't update mine!!

    May Grocery Challenge £121.93/£200 :j
    June Grocery Challenge £48.69/£200
  • ellemmellemm Forumite
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    Having a grumpy day today! Nothing is going to plan....
    Have managed to finish off a few jobs in the garden, got plenty more to do indoors though..grr
    Made a loaf of bread, sorted and cleaned up kitchen, so I have done a little.
    Seem to be lacking in motivation.... any tips?
    So far a NSD!!

    How about........accept you have done some stuff, pour a glass of your preferred tipple, put feet up and read a good book!!

    I feel a bit the same today, did so much cooking and cleaning yesterday feel like a day off today but still hoping to get into the garden (between torrential downpours here) and plant some potatoes.

    Hope your day improves!

  • kezloukezlou Forumite
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    Well have no motivation today, just feel totally wiped out.
    Went shopping yesterday with DS bought a load of junk food inc lots of basic chocolate for baking brownies etc for his birthday party next week, also bought three bottle of wine naughty i know. Will need to buy crisps etc but generally think i got most of it sorted.

    Haven't been out today, the rain attacked so i thought no way am i going out. Need eggs but i might wait till tomorrow to buy them.

    Make some rhubarb jam today, tasted some of the remains and it was lush.
    Going to give a jar to my nice who supplied the rhubarb.

    Well off to make kiwi fruit jam and put another loaf in for tomorrows pack lunches.

    Bye all x
  • Went to Morrisons today for my usual Sunday shop which was just £16.66. I went late-ish last week (about 1:30) and they had no cheap chickens left so I went to 10am when the opened today and they had plenty left and also 12 x Value Yorkshire Puddings for 40+p, which I didn't even know existed as they must all be sold out when I usually go!

    Also discovered they do value sliced white bread at 38p per loaf - another discovery that must be sold out by the time I usually go as I have never seen it before.

    My trolley was just a pile of yellow value stuff today LOL.

    Also saved money by buying a big bottle of perfectly clear flavoured water (77p) to decant into an empty 500ml bottle for eldest DS for school. They didn't have the usual stuff we get, which is 97p for four bottles.

    So, I'm up on my target but I shouldn't need to go for another couple of days at least.
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