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May 2009 Grocery Challenge

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  • thriftlady_2thriftlady_2 Forumite
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    I've been Money Tipped!
    Grocery spend for this week is as follows

    Waitrose £55.01
    Farm shop (milk, eggs and veg) £22.21
    Sainsbury's (wine) £16.67

    Total £93.89

    If I stay under £100 a week I'll be under budget but I was a little disappointed this week I was hoping for £80 or less.
  • BoodleBoodle Forumite
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    Did our shopping last night and am afraid I was tempted once again by the B&J's Half Baked ice cream :o (Also... a reduced almond pastry for 20p which was lovely for breakie this morning) but DH also threw a multipack of polos in there, and we ended up with a couple of things I realised I needed on the way around so had forgotten to account for, like soy sauce, popping corn and my jasmine green tea. Also managed to pick up some nice looking organic lamb steaks for £5.19 which will do our stew on Sunday and Thai Green Curry on Wednesday next week so am rather chuffed with that. I think we are doing pretty darn well all things considered so far (for me anyway ;))

    Altho I did my shop with Saturday's dinner in mind, we have decided to go out for dinner and see a film (not from a GC budget) but at least the things are there for another week as fish is from freezer, butter beans/tinned toms will keep etc. Really looking forward to our treat!
    Love and compassion to all x
  • nmlcnmlc Forumite
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    Afternoon all

    Just an update of the spends, really really bad....! Am overspent by 20p already! Have meal planned for next week and then have another week before new GC month starts. Have reasonable supplies of most things. Spent £12 in S/Fields on Andrex loo rolls, offer of 2 x 9 rolls for £6 - so bought 4 packs - so that will last for ages and have taken £12 out this month's GC budget - but we won't use all of those in a month ...... well at least I hope not otherwise this month could be a bit unpleasant in this house! Have also had a few take-aways this month and the prices have gone up - so will definitely be cutting those out. I'm going to do a bit of baking today or tomorrow, will be making Bakewell Tart, Choc chip cookies, Mince pies and possibly a cake or cup cakes - should help out for pack-up's next week. I know I will be overspent at the end of the month but will try to keep it to a minimum....(she says in eternal hope!)
    Keep safe and well everyone, hope weather stays reasonable this weekend.
    Kind regards
  • Cornishpixie_2Cornishpixie_2 Forumite
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    Hi, Went to Lidl's (not Aldi), :confused:Doesn't take much to confuse myself. Anyhoo spent another £9-40 on bits and pieces. And £6 today school dinner x3 . Total around £147-69:eek:.Luckily I bought some heinz beans on offer then;). Cooking a beef curry for 10 students tonight. My family are never fussed about my curry, but because it's not for them suddenly they want some:rotfl:Well have a good weekend all. :D
    Grocery challenge june £300/ £211-50.
    Grocery challenge july £300/£134-85.
  • ToonieToonie Forumite
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    We're keeping on track at the moment, helped by the fact my a lot of my meals are paid for at work. Have bought milk and eggs this week and will have to buy some more milk tomorrow. Made some bacon and carrot soup last weekend, then got invited to a barbeque at my parents, so the soup was saved until Monday and was lovely with chunks of bread and more bread and cheese afterwards. I had found the bacon at the bottom of the freezer, (well it was a mystery pack of meat until I defrosted it) and the carrots were beginning to go soft.

    Bacon off cuts (cooked in advance and chopped into pieces)
    Couple of carrots (chopped up, chunky)
    250ml apple juice
    Water or stock
    Mixed herbs
    Pinch of cinnamon (or mixed spice/ginger)
    Half a red onion, diced
    Red lentils
    Teaspoon of honey

    Fry onion in a little butter, add bacon pieces and then apple juice. Add lentils and fast boil for 10 minutes, checking liquid level and add more apple juice/water/stock as required. Add carrots, spice, herbs and spoon of honey and simmer gently until carrots are to your liking (around 15 minutes for me). Keep checking liquid level as the lentils will absorb more liquid as they cook, so top up if necessary. This makes quite a sweet soup, but this can altered with the addition of some mild chilli powder or extra ginger.
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    Afternoon all

    A quick update for me -hubby has stopped of at ALDI on the way home to pick up the few bits I wanted...he came in chuntering that he is sure the prices have gone up :T-not :T for the price increase but for hubby noticing ;):rotfl:
    1. 3x1lt fresh milk @48c -so actually 7c cheaper than last week :D
    2. 2.5kg potatoes €1.99 -they didn't have my usual 99c ones :rolleyes:-theses ones are "special" :p
    3. 1kg carrots 99c -so up 30c:confused:-me thinks I need to set some more in tubs ;)
    4. iceberg -65c -can start adding my own grown ones now..can't wait to go onto all my own
    5. 2kg apples €1.59
    6. huge red pepper 43c -these are at €1.99 a kilo now :j
    So a total of €7.09 :D our week started on the 25th so 2 weeks in and only €19.43 spent :A:rotfl:

    We are having pork steaks, steamed potatoes and vegetables for dinner tonight...
    Hubby is on duty tomorrow so will go out at 8am and not be back until about 9am on sunday -so only myself to feed ....
    right -off to update my signature -hope everyone is having a good week:D
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  • Mrs_Money_PennyMrs_Money_Penny Forumite
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    Hi Everyone have spent £102.52 this month so far. Really need to keep out of the supermarkets. Did get some bargins last week which were reduced happened to go in just before closing. Got several packs of ham for 10p. Good luck all.
    £45919.75/savings £47525.43
  • earthmotherearthmother Forumite
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    Afternoon everyone :)

    My first update on the challenge - have spent £6.07 on milk, bread and fabric conditioner - quite proud of myself as I avoided the cheap yogurts on the reduced shelf - they're one of my downfalls.

    So, under budget so far, but it'll go up over the weekend as I have to go to Tesco and have Asda delivering too - it's all stock ups of deals though so I should be able to recover from it by the end of the month.

    DFW Nerd no. 884 - Proud to [strike]be dealing with[/strike] have dealt with my debts
  • SunnyGirlSunnyGirl Forumite
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    Just updating signature with this weeks shopping. It includes the ingredients to make 2 birthday cakes for DD & DS1 so quite pleased. I've got a fancying for fish so having a wander around our very good local fish market tomorrow - probably fatal :eek: but I'll try to buy only what we'll use in the next couple of weeks and add them into the menu plan. Hope everyone else is going okay so far.
  • MadamMim2013MadamMim2013 Forumite
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    Not doing bad... only £48.88 out of £300!!
    Wanted to bake some cakes but was cross at the price of eggs in our co-op. Was pointed in the direction of a lady in our village who sells eggs, it works out under 10p an egg and they're laid fresh!!!! bargain
    "There's a little witch in all of us"🥰
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