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May 2009 Grocery Challenge

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  • HollysanHollysan Forumite
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    Mrs M, please put me down for £400 for May.


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  • kezloukezlou Forumite
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    Hi everyone!

    Well my mince/brown lentils/veg mixture pie worked well.
    DS1 thought its had too many "peas" in it though, little did he know it was manily lentils :D. Daft thing thing he ate it all though and went for seconds!

    Well out of the mince mixture and i made two very filling pies (four times more mix than a deep filled one out of a supermarket).

    So we had one of the pies for tea another cooked and ready to eat. Then enough mixture for shepards pie i think. Also made loads of mash so going to use that to make shepard's pie and fish cakes.

    Also used three very sad and pathetic looking bananas and turned them into fairy cakes.So going to freeze some for next weeks pack lunches.

    Here's another recipe:-

    Macaroni Cheese
    Macaroni Cheese
    250grams cups full of macaroni (or other pasta)
    2 tbsps of plain flour
    2 tbsps of butter
    1 pt milk
    75g grated cheese (whatever you like)

    Preheat oven to Gas Mark 6.
    Cook pasta according to instructions.
    Melt the butter in a saucepan, stir in flour till bonded together.
    Add some milk and whisk till blended gradually add more and more till all the milk is used up.
    Remove from heat and add the cheese and stir.
    Drain pasta, and pop in an ovenproof
    Cook in the oven for about 30 mins on gas mark 6 or till top is crispy and golden brown.
  • CherryPieCherryPie Forumite
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    Not popped in for a while. Just been busy busy. MrsM I'm going to sit this month out. Had so much on I've lost track as far as April is concerned.

    Hopefully be back on track for June.

    I'll still be popping in to get tips & stuff though.

    Have a good month everyone. :T
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  • Mrs._IrwinMrs._Irwin Forumite
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    Bought a few bits and pieces over the weekend, and have updated sig. Doing very badly, as I'm nearly halfway to limit! :eek:

    I haven't included fish and chips and icecream from our day to the seaside, as they were the reason we went. :D
    And I won't be including the food I'll be buying for DS 1st birthday party on Saturday as that is a special occasion. (Not that I have a budget for special occasions, but it will be a lot. :rolleyes:)

    I think I'm going to struggle to keep under target, I can't believe how expensive everything is. Tins of tomatoes for 33p! :eek: What is that all about?!
    A penny saved is a penny earned.

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  • Hi everyone,
    Day four of the challenge and so far have not spent anything. Hope to keep this up for the rest of the week.
    Next week will need milk and some fresh veg, but so far, so good...
  • HowlinWolfHowlinWolf Forumite
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    Hello all

    just done the Mr S online shop for the month, got pretty much everything I need except nappies and nappy bags for £134.75, will need a few top ups but not too many and that cost includes 6 bottles of wine. Yay.

    Also bought some cheeses, breads and veggies at the farmer's market the other day. Not sure how much it cost in total but I put the coin change in the milkman tin and I spent £10 on M&S dine in for two on Friday as we were doing jobs round the house after work and I felt we needed a treat. Not very old style but still!

    £30 has also gone out of the food budget to pay the babysitter but if we are struggling for food budget at the end of the month we will throw £15 each back into the kitty to make up for it. Doing quite well so far I feel. It feels good to have re-instated the grocery cash tin (we put the budget for the month in there and spend for food out of it rather than using debit card)
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  • dink1dink1 Forumite
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    Hi Guys!

    have been at work over the weekend (boo nasty employers!) on the plus side have not been able to spend any pennies!!!!!!!! am just writing out my shopping list. now where is that pen?... Dink1
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  • JanaeJanae Forumite
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    Managed a NSD yesterday but will definitely have to go out today for stuff.
    Went to BBQ after work, came home and OH said he was hungry and started raiding the fridge and there was LOADS of food left at the BBQ:mad:
    Must do some meal planning for the next few days. I think it's going to work better only doing a few days at a time as plans change frequently in our house and this way I can make sure that leftovers DO get used up.
    Have a good BH everyone.
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  • MrsM - please can you include me this month for the amount of £300
    Thanks so much - I find it helps me focus on the shopping -they must think I'm mad at the till when I say "How much?" because much to the tillgirl's annoyance I keep putting things back !
    The name is Purpleclutterbuck
    and not clutterbug but you can leave it if it's a problem :o
    thanks to all for the great ideas!!!!
    May you fill up the great clutterbucket of life and may all of your leaks be in cheese sauce:D
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  • tessie_beartessie_bear Forumite
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    hi....welcome back gailey and congratulations....glad to hear u feel can really wipe u out morning sickness imo anyway

    we are off out for lunch very useful on the gc..i have just made scrambled egg from eggs from the local farm...once u get past the state of the outside of them they are great really fresh..some bright orange and some pale yellow yolks....i made some cakes with them last week and they were nice...£1.60 for a dozen...i didnt think that was bad

    i love reading what people do to use up bits and pieces...i made mash 2 days running and saved the morning i mixed in a spoonful of flour rolled mixture out cut out rounds and fried in a drop of oil...potato cakes to go with bacon...they are great

    have a nice bank holiday
    onwards and upwards
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