My rights under warranty?

If I have had a new boiler installed and have a noise problem with it (as detailed in other thread) that no-one can solve and I have spent 3 months of engineers looking for the answer to this problem, and I have done everything within my power to sort this out to no avail , can I now go back to the manufacturer under the terms of the warranty and ask them to replace the boiler or send their engineers to sort it out. There is nothing else I can do to look for the answer to this problem. :confused:


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    I think you will find any manufacturer will refuse to entertain you as the fault is not with the boiler but the installation of it, and/or the system connected to it.

    Ask to see CIPHE (Chartered Institute of Plumbing & Heating Engineering)
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    Yes but as I have spent 3 months and quite abit of money getting people to solve this problem all to no avail , how can I proceed if they will not replace it. The company I am dealing with has looked at every possible part of the system and can see nowhere there could be a fault, I literally cannot do any more apart from keep bringing in different companies to look at it and I can't afford to do that. . The manufacturers identified some pipework that they said needed changing and I did that , and that hasn't made the slightest bit of difference. Everyone who has looked at it has been sure it is a problem with the boiler.
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