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    tjretro wrote: »
    Day 5 down :T Made some yummy pasta this evening with goats cheese on top. Dug out my old ww journal and have been tracking my points today :j What did you folks have for dinner? Anything interesting?

    Well done. Last night we had a tasty and cheap meal so all good. Meatballs (from Co-op) - 12 in a pack half price down to £1.49. I fried them up with onion and a tomato and herb sauce and we had with fresh pasta (also reduced in the Co-op - One third off) and garlic bread (again on special in the Co-op). The meatballs are proper mince and were very nice. I got some more and popped them in the freezer.
    Tonight is gammon cooked in slow cooker in cherry coke! Highly recommended on Old Style board. Cooked it overnight as I thought if it ready and waiting at home I will be less tempted by the call of the chinese takeaway! :rotfl: Had a wee taste when I took it out the slow cooker this morning and it tasted nice. Going to have it cold though later with chips and egg I think.
    Have a good weekend all.
  • Ooh, what a great challenge. Me and the OH initially cut right back on take aways at the beggining of our dfw journey but have found a few months down the line (and with me going back to work after having ds2) they have slowly crept back in, but more than before!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am pledging no take aways for may!!! have subscribed to the chinese food thread on the os board (as this is our downfall) and will be hunting out a decent recipe for tikka masala (with sauce) and spinach and chickpea curry to keep my fella's urge for an indian down.

    Am going to bulk cook the take away food and freeze them so they are always there when needed!!!!!

    Good luck everyone!!!!!!
    love rags

    P.s, my last take away was last night:o:p
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    hi can i join. we have takeaway twice in a month but if you count mc d's it's alot more. We had a mc'ds yesterday came to £14 :eek:

    can I ask whats the sealed pot challenge?
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    First day down, had to say no to the kids who all wanted pizza, so were having an all day brekkie for tea. I wanted pasta but children and OH outvoted me.

    Well done for all those who started the challenge already.:T

    One day down 27 to go!
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    Day 6 down. Stuck to my ww points and had sausages, mash and peas with gravy for dinner :D Away this weekend, going to a wedding tomorrow then being taken out for birthday dinner on Sunday so no opportunities for takeaway during that time. No access to internet while away, good luck for the weekend folks :j
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    Well I'm not in this challenge, but I have the biggest urge for takeaway tonight, please someone stop me :rotfl:
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    my favourite takeaway things you can get from supermarkets

    asda chicken tikka and rice with pot of mango chutney

    iceland sweet and sour chicken balls and fried rice - just like the real thing

    dr oetekers thin pizzas - i like the bolognaise one and the peperoni one, then the chicken one, i think they are half price at tesco at the moment as well
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    My problem is I have no supermarkets near me, or even shops. So when I get the urge there is nothing nearby to take it away again!
    Just because you made a mistake doesn't mean you are a mistake.
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    Hi can I join too?

    I only eat takeaways once or twice a month at the most, I need to lose some weight and I am committed to making food from scratch now.

    This challenge will help me stick to this plan when I feel weak on the occasional Sat night or after work night!

    Many thanks for starting the thread - it is mega helpful in many ways!
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    Well two days down another 26 to go!
    So tempted to get takeaway, just couldnt be bothered cooking in the slightest. My youngest wandered over to me saying "but mam its SATURDAY!" clutching the pennies jar. But i declined, resisted the urge and gave him pasta salad and HM apple and Rhubarb pie instead. Luckily that satisfied him and i didn't feel so guilty.

    Well done with the ww plan tjretro!!! :j
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