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Car Radio Unlocking

in Motoring
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  • moleratmolerat Forumite
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    sirafy wrote: »
    Molerat you deserve a medal for all the free help...ok just bought my litlle sister her first car radio is asking for a code its a 4500 RDS 0-N Serial M004946 do you have the code? Thanking you in anticipation Afy
    4902 is your code
  • RegWortsRegWorts Forumite
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    more4less wrote: »
    Hi, I've just found the details

    Its a Clarion PU-9534A

    s/n :96 100 405-ZL
    Barcode : 0175879
    stamp on casing is : 311-1476
    asemble no: 286-7602-02


    This is an older Clarion requiring further information + specialist attention.

    If you email [EMAIL=""][email protected][/EMAIL] then they should be able to help.

    Mention this forum and there should be no charge
  • RegWortsRegWorts Forumite
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    Morsea1 wrote: »
    I've read this brilliant thread, now for my question. Radio code needed for Philips FD 09 98 39 400 8539
    Model No. 22DC451/62L
    It's in my friends Renault Megane.....S Reg.

    Thanks in advance


    There should be a 14 character Serial Number beginning with RG or RN or PH or similar (possibly stamped in the metal casing )and maybe a Security Number in the format of TOA123 or TA123 or just A123 at the end of a barcode so please quote EVERYTHING you can find
  • RegWortsRegWorts Forumite
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    Can anyone help ?

    I have a Philips Car 400 serial number GM040023174406 for a Vauxhall Zafira, Does anyone have the code ?

    Sorry..not in my PHILIPS database
    Please check your Serial Number again to make sure it is correct.

    If it is correct then I don`t think it will be available for free from anywhere on the Internet.

    Main Dealer or a Decoding Service or your local Car Radio / Audio Shop (who are normally the cheapest option)
  • thanks regworts for the link to "restoredclassics", worked a treat, got my code

    thank you
  • Molerat. i hope you can help me. Forgive my english. I took Ford S-Max with radio loocked model "6000 cd" with serial: v 033107. Can you unluck it. Thank you
  • callistriscallistris Forumite
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    We're unable to help with codes for V serial numbers as these generally are only available from Ford;)
    Maybe one day we'll have access:rolleyes:
  • Hi,

    I'm after the code for my Saxo's radio - Model Citroen 2014 RDS

    02 00971 0330 610028 6

    Just brought this car second hand, but the stereo says Code 3 Error :(
  • elzyelzy Forumite
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    RegWorts wrote: »
    There should be a 14 character Serial number (beginning with GM or RN or RG or PH or similar ) somewhere on the radio ....quite often stamped in the metal casing.

    Hi RegWorts,

    the serial number from the side casing is:

    Thanks very much
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    WillieLWillieL Forumite
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    WillieL wrote: »
    Had to replace battery in my Peugeot and radio code no where to be found :confused:

    Details form the label on it as follows:

    Model No. 22RC200/65
    Product No. FD1001179305228

    Ref. Peugeot
    96 392 193 8002

    Thanks in advance for your time in getting the code for me. :money:

    Thanks Regworts, the only other numbers I can find other than above are:
    e2 (in a box) with 029018 below it

    The only numbers beginning PH are in the original post, no stamped numbers on the metal case.

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