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Mon Ami Gabi .....Las Vegas

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trets77trets77 Forumite
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This Thread is intended to be read in conjunction with The MSE guide to Las Vegas

Mon Ami Gabi
  • Location : Paris Casino

official link

Please post your experiences , reviews and Opinions of Mon Ami Gabi in Las Vegas only . for any general Las Vegas posts or advice please see the Las vegas Thread
Better in my pocket than theirs :rotfl:


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    trets77trets77 Forumite
    2.9K posts
    edited 15 October 2009 at 5:26PM
    Mon Ami Gabi has one very big and almost unique selling point .

    On the Las Vegas strip it is pretty much the only place you can eat outside and watch the strip go by . and what a location on the strip ! right opposite The Bellagio fountains ( which if you look at the current Las Vegas poll you will see are most people's Favorite LV attraction) .

    Bad news is you cannot book tables on the Patio but slipping front of house a sneaky bribe has worked for some .

    Prices are Reasonable given the Location and food quality .

    Lunch is often recommended here .
    Better in my pocket than theirs :rotfl:
  • ferf1223ferf1223 Forumite
    8.9K posts
    We love Mon Ami Gabi. Good food, reasonable prices and excellent view from the patio. I'm sure the indoor seating is fine, but personally cannot see the point of eating here without sitting on the patio. While you cannot reserve the patio, you can sign in at the desk and get a buzzer that works a way into the casino so you don't have to queue for ages, you can wander around a bit until your table is ready. We've not had longer than a 45 minute wait in 3 visits. They have heaters on the patio when it's chilly, and misters on the patio when it's very hot - so it's not just limited to the milder months of the year.

    For dinner we normally each have one of the steak and frites options (I am partial to the one with Roquefort cheese). Some people don't care for the frites as being very thinly sliced chips they're quite crunchy, but I like them. The steaks are quite thin, but my husband likes his steak cooked medium and is always amazed that they can manage to cook a relatively thin steak to his liking. We've also had the crab cake starter (lovely), escargot (ditto), pate (again).

    Lunch is also very nice here - just a nice atmosphere for people watching and also the fountains (though they are more stunning at night, of course). I had one of the best burgers ever here at lunch one time. And the macaroni and cheese is delicious.

    Our first visit we got very lucky and got the centre table right on the railing - so far we haven't been as lucky on repeat visits, but anywhere on the patio is quite nice.

    Here's a video from our first time.
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    luciluci Forumite
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    edited 27 April 2009 at 11:20PM
    I really like MAG and have had my birthday dinner there for the past 3 years.

    We have eaten 3 times on the patio and once inside and I wouldn't recommend inside as it could have been any restaurant anywhere.

    I usually have the Filet Mignon with Merlot butter and hubby has one of the other steaks with a sauce. He had the French Onion soup once which was really nice.

    The Warm Flourless Chocolate Cake is lovely!

    It can be hard to see the fountains because of the trees, but I like the atmosphere of eating outside. One time it was quite cool, but they had patio heaters.

    Not sure if the birthday dinner will be there this year as I fancy trying somewhere different.

    We make a reservation for an hour before we hope to eat to allow for the wait for a patio table. However I made a reservation for 7pm last year hoping to to seated around 8pm. We actually got there at 6pm and were seated on the patio immediately.
  • tingtongtingtong Forumite
    580 posts
    Had a good meal in Mon Ami last Thursday. Waited over an hour for an outside seat but it was worth it. Right in the middle of the patio, against the railings, so a perfect view of the Bellagio fountains (saw about 5 or 6 shows).

    Got served by Big Dan, who liked a bit of a chat about the Hatton fight this coming weekend. Cost about $70 (+ tip) for 2, which is not too bad considering the location of the place.
  • luciluci Forumite
    5.9K posts
    Part of the Furniture 1,000 Posts
    Mon Ami Gabi have recently started doing breakfast from 7-11am. It must be proving popular as the patio was full at about 10 this morning.
  • bounty99bounty99 Forumite
    18 posts
    iv already made reservations to dine at MAG on 10th May which is Mothers day, will prices be higher than normal on this day? also is the breakfast menu tasty? had a look at their menu and the eggs benedict and the egg,bacon cheese crepe sound delicious, anyone tried these before?
  • luciluci Forumite
    5.9K posts
    Part of the Furniture 1,000 Posts
    Prices should be the same, but they may have a special Mother's Day menu. Just make sure your reservation is for an hour of so before you want to eat if you want a patio table. They give you a pager so you can go to the casino while you wait, as long as you don't go too far away.
  • Went to MonAmi Gabi last week and ate outside, in the evening, and only had to wait around 20 minutes for the table! The scallops were perfect, the steaks were sublime and the champagne was ice cold, whilst the bellagio fountains danced every 15 minutes: nothing better......2 courses including the champagne and other drinks for 4 came to just $235. IMO supreme value for what we got!

    Concequently, we went back 3 days later, paying around $110 for steaks and drinks for the 4 of us: very impressed.
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