Urgent! What to do? Gas people want to move meter.

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Hi All,

The gas people (AMEC) are placing new pipe work in our area from the mains pipe in the road directly into the homes. They are replenishing the old cast iron pipes with the plastic type.

I have a serious dilemma. We have 2 issues. The house used to be 2 flats with a meter upstairs (currently active) and a meter downstairs (currently inactive with only the pipe work remaining, no actual meter). The 2 flats are now one house. The gas people want to place the meter outside rather than inside. This will ruin the look of the house and I’m not standing for it. A definite NO NO! Either they pull the pipe work to its current location or the downstairs location of which I don’t mind.

It’s obvious they want to take the easy option as they will have to remove and cause damage to the property to get the new feed in, they’ve already smashed a great big hole in the middle of the garden. I currently have NO GAS.

I called the legal people (part of the house insurance) and they said I have no case as the meter belongs to them and they can place it where they like. Surely not!...

The second point being I want to have both feeds active, one connection to the upstairs and the other to the downstairs. In the future it may be more profitable to sell the property as 2 flats rather than 1 house if I did want to sell up.

Also those cast iron pipes in my opinion could easily last another century, what’s wrong with these people!

It's hasn’t been a good day, I also got a parking ticket because my wheels were on the pavement. Where else am I going to park with all this work going on. They also placed a generator outside my house without telling me for the temporary traffic lights. Its humming like mad I can't get to sleep. Oh and much more but better not go into now.

Any quick help appreciated.


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    Are you that man from One Foot In The Grave? ;)

    All he ever did was moan non-stop.
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    There planning now to put the meter at the back of the house in the store room! Hehe.

    Daveboy, you may be happy with them putting a great big white box in front of your door but I'm not. No wonder everything’s a mess in this country nobody complains!!!! & just puts up with it.

    Come on people wake up and smell the coffee. People always want the easy way out. I didn't ask for much only that they put the new pipe work to where it was and gave them the option of placing it downstairs.
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