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  • Hi
    Covergirl contacted me after i had entered a competition online (aparently everybody wins this but i thought i had been lucky!)
    It all sounded amazing and the woman i spoke to on the phone called Davina said it would be £30 deposit for me and an extra £30 for me to bring a friend along, she then carried on speaking and told me the available dates they had appointments free every half an hour so they must be pretty desperate!! Then she said ok now i take your debit details which i gave thinking i would have time to think about stuff, she then placed me on hold, whilst on hold my workmate told me she had heard about this company and they are just a bunch of scammers so as soon as Davina got back on the phone i said i had changed my mind "oh it's too late" she said and i couldn't believe it but she had already charged me without even confirming how much money she was going to take out of my account and i never said i was definitly going to bring a friend along! I tried to speak to the manager but they said he was not available and said he would ring me back but of course he never did! I carried on ringing and eventually my Boyfriend managed to get through to the manager called Ricky and he said he agreed she should not have done this and is going to refund us within the next 3 days, i'm amazed at how many problems other people have had this company shouldn't get away with this! Save yourself the hassle do not give in to their sales pitch - nothing's free in life and it's not worth it for 1 free photo, travel expenses to London and then trying to get a refund for your deposit!
  • i won i went to my shoot yesterday (15/03/09) and it was great the people there was great makeup was really good and hair was good they make you feel so comfy if you win it go cos i had the best day ever :-)
  • Hi Guys, I too had a phone call earlier on today saying I had been selected for a photoshoot. They never said I had 'won' anything and were very upfront about the £30 deposit. They also didn't say I had to pay it for each person attending, just myself. When I told them I didn't have any money right now they were fine about it. They told me to phone them back if I was still interested when I had the money.

    I'm really confused about what I should do. They seemed genuine and there was no pressure on me at all but reading some of these comments has made me apprehensive.

    Any advice would be great! Thanx.
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    :T Well done:T Enjoy your win:j
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  • Dear everyone who has had a call from coverlook studios.

    I was so excited to hear that I had won a £500 makeover. I was thinking in my head I can't believe this, I don't usually win competitions this big, the odd small ones, but still, no major competitions. The woman who I was talking to had a strong accent that I am not familiar with. She sounded so happy for me on the phone she even said I would be on the guestlist to the hottest clubs in London. She said I could invite 1 friend or 2 family members, so I invited my cousins. She failed to mention that I had to put a deposit down for my two cousins. So I thought the £30 deposit was £10 for each person. I told her I didnt have the money so I told her to phone me back the next day. The next day I didnt have the right card so I told her to phone me back the day after. I finally paid the deposit with my moms card. (don't worry i paid my mom £30 before she paid them £30 from her card - so she didn't lose anything)

    So i was looking forward to this thing. I was thinking that we would be the only ones in that day. That we would get treated really well and that me and my cousins would have a day to remember. When we got there at 3pm we were hugely disappointed. My family had warned me that they would pressure us into buying their pictures, so I was prepared for that. I was only going there for my free picture.

    So many obstacles had come in our way that day. But somehow we got there. They said my cousins would have to leave for 4-5 hours because they hadn't paid their deposit. I told the moody woman at the desk that the woman on the phone didn't tell me I needed to pay a deposit for them. So my cousins left after a long debate about wether we should stay or not. I said to the photographer can they speed up the process as quick as possible. I sat their for an 1 hr waiting for my makeover. I looked better before I walked into the shop. The woman (who's make-up was like a mask) didn't even wipe my make-up off. She just applied some thick, cakey, make-up to my face that made me look like a drag queen. I was hugely un-impressed. Then she asked me how I would like my hair done. I said whatever you think would suit me. She curled my hair (and my hair is short) I just looked like all the other black girls that had walked into the studio that day. Now considering this is supposed to be a £500 makeover, it wasn't even worth £10.

    I waited there till 6:30/45pm to have a crappy 15 minute photoshoot. The changing rooms were small and dingey and the curtain wasn't big enough to fit the rail. I had two changes of clothes in my bag, but I only changed once because I didn't want to go back in that changing room anymore. The photographer sucked, I could do better on my phone or with a polaroid camera! He had no idea what he was doing! Then he asked if I wanted to change again, I said no.

    When I looked at the photos I was hugely disappointed. The make-up that was supposed to look quite bold but was supposed to look natural in the photos did not look natural in the photos. In fact you could tell that I had a pile of make-up on my face. The moody woman from the desk then asked me which pictures I wanted to keep, I said none of them. She looked surprised and I don't know why. She had wasted my day and my money and my time. We had walked through london for about an 1 1/2 with heavy bags on our shoulders and aching feet only to be disappointed. My cousins probably had a better day than me! I wiped off the cakey make-up and applied my make-up (which looked more professional than what that woman did to my face) and walked out the shop happy that I was leaving. The best thing about the whole day was the coach ride there and back.

    Now that you have read my experience; if you have a call saying that you have won a £500 makeover and guestlist to a London club with unlimited refreshments, HANG UP. They don't even deserve those few seconds on the phone talking to you.

    God Bless

  • i won i went to my shoot yesterday (15/03/09) and it was great the people there was great makeup was really good and hair was good they make you feel so comfy if you win it go cos i had the best day ever :-)

    That was the complete opposite to my day and the other people at the studio!!
    Tell me, are you involved in this scam? Because you people do not deserve to get away with this!!

    If your not then I am sorry for hasselling you :)
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    I agree and condolences that they spoiled your day. I was phoned a few months back by a guy who sounded really enthusiastic and kept telling me that me & a friend would be treated to a full makeover with glasses of wine etc etc then he said it was a £50 deposit each.
    I asked why I needed to pay a deposit for something I had won and he said so that if I didn't turn up they wouldn't lose money. He didn't seem to understand that if I didn't turn up they would still get paid as it was a 'prize'
    Needless to say I didn't pay any deposit and turned it down as I had read all the notes on here before hand about 'paying for a prize'.
    Hopefully your next win will be a better experience for you.
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  • Hi friend phoned me the other day saying she had won a comp. for a free makeover and photoshoot and free photo. she could bring a friend and asked me..she then said i had to pay a £30 deposit i was wary, but she said she had already done it, got a recipt and all was legit. so i have just got off the phone to the company having given them my bank details, am now very worried after reading some of these comments thats its a scam!!
    The shoot is tomorrow and i have to go to get back my deposit!!
    Will let you know how it goes!! arghh!
  • Oh No, what a twit iv'e been. I too paid for myself and daughter, I have tried, to no avail, to cancel the payment with my bank.And I willingly gave out my bank details while my daughter danced with glee and happiness around the room ! Can you tell me how it went please, I am booked for next saturday and simply don't want to waste any more money, apart from taking 4 girls to go to one of the" Top London Night clubs " I also won special VIP tickets for with all refreshments !
  • Hello, well basically to cut a long story short it wasnt a scam!! i had a really good time with my friend getting our makeup and hair done the photoshoot was awesome and the photos were amazing!

    After it all had finished we got the chance to view our photos and select the ones we like and delete the ones we didnt like, then out of the ones you like you can take just one free some more!..prices started at £75 for one pic..prices went down the more you buy!! so very very expensive..but the guy we had going through them with us was really nice and it wasnt a hard sell at all just very relaxed. He made us an offer 3 pics each for £30..which was our deposit the photos were so good we took them!

    So all in all had a brilliant day got all of that done and came away with 3 photos..for £ 30! which im very happy about! If you get the chance go for it! and if you dont like the photos you get your deposit back with nothing to loose! The only bad thing was the i wouldn't go on your own! but they constantly offer you drinks and biscuits!

    Hope this has helped you all!
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