binding work?

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Just a few questions
How long does it take and how much does it cost? Can you get it done from places like staples?


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    Staples do definitely offer a print/binding service, but I don't know how much they charge. Is it not on their website?
    My friend went there to bind his thesis the other day, so they definitely do it. They also charged him 7p to print each page, but if you print it yourself you can save a fair amount there.
    I personally went to a local shop (for local people), and paid £8 to bind 2 x 100 page documents... so, thats £4 each, and that was larger than your typical thesis.
    It shouldn't therefore be costing you more than £4.

    Pronta print do it for about that amount too but have a 'minimum spend' of £10 (in my local one anyway), so I was put off using them.

    Lastly, staples were unable to print and bind my friends thesis whilst he waited (unlike my local shop). I think it was just because they were busy at the time, but its something to keep in mind if you are trying to cut down on petrol/bus fairs getting there. Avoid the lunchtime rush.
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    I'm getting mine done at uni as it'll work out cheaper than going to a company. Does your uni not offer this service?
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    Part of our dissertation module was to do a poster presentation on our project (Computer Science), the posters were A1 size, so some one had the idea to go to a local company and say if all the uni lot on the course get the poster printed there how cheap will they do it. Worked out well, so maybe its something you can look into if you can.
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    uni do offer the service but as everyones dissertation has to be in on thursday i think it will be busy. ive still got alot of word to do as meeting with tutor did not go well and need to change mine so will need to leve it till last minute.
  • At Coventry Uni, the library shop did mine, £8 a copy, two copies needed to be done, and i picked mine up within 3 hours later. Not bad in the end.
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    I had mine bound last year at Staples and it cost around £2.30 for ring binding with a card back and clear front cover.

    Get them to colour copy your front page onto white card and use this as a front cover with the clear cover on top.

    Hope it works,

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    i got mine done at my uni paisley. It cost 47p each needed two copies. I had to had mine in two thursdays ago at 4pm went in at 3.30 and there was no que which suurprised me and it took about 2mins to do it.
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    It all depends on what you;re getting bind and how it has to be done.

    Most unis will accept an undergrad discertation that is spiral bound, and therefore very cheap to do. Try doing that with a doctoral thesis and you'll get laughed out of hte office when you try to submit it!
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    hi got it done today (how good does it feel for it to be over!!!) Its cost £3.20 at grathams ad took 5 min for two copies
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    I had two 240 page documents bound by a local company on the highstreet for about £2.10 each.
    While I waited, took 10 minutes.

    The big problem with University services tends to be that many people want things binding at once.
    Our course requires 2 copies of documents.
    Theres 200 people on my course.
    Thats 400 documents.
    Often at the end of the year, many people on many courses have documents to bound, theres 20k students, say half have documents, thats 20k documents.
    Therefore we're always told that the Uni has a 'waiting period' of aroudn 2 weeks to bind a document.

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