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michael jackson tickets available

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  • how much are they going for now? x
  • MancunianMancunian Forumite
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    MummyYummy wrote: »
    how much are they going for now? x

    loads at 99p ,,,a lot without a reserve as well.

    just click on the liink i put and it should sort the current lowest price ones for you.

    I'm put some on ebay "watch" few to see if they go ballistic bear the end.

    currently,,nearly 200 listings @ around 99p !!!!!

    trolls and abusers will simply be added to my ignore list - you can do it too! its under USER CP
  • so all this 'talk' about £30,000 is just talk then lol x
  • bobmoo79bobmoo79 Forumite
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    Not really,
    I saw several different auctions end with final values in the thousands. the most expensive I saw myself was £25000 for Block A tickets on the opening night. As with all concerts the demand has died down slightly now as ebay was flooded with tickets. I expect it'll pick up again nearer the time though. It's a shame that the government don't put some proper effort to prevent ticket touting because it stops genuine buyers getting the tickets at reasonable prices.
    I know somebody in the biz and AEG secretly expected to have a 30 date run and block booked the o2 for that period from July to end of September. But when the tickets flew out the door so quickly they had to find another 50 dates. The soonest they could set the new dates for was Jan & Feb 2010. AEG wanted to do up to 100 nights after they saw the record breaking demand but Jackson refused, limiting it to 50 dates max. There will almost certainly be more dates announced for other countries eventually (Jackson intentionally said these will be his last dates in "London"). I think Jackson took many people by surprise with this level of success. BUT in the age old battle or Prince Vs MJ, MJ always owned Prince and this is no exception. :rotfl: (Prince did a record breaking stint of 21 shows a couple of years back)
  • tomarolatomarola Forumite
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    Love to see Michael Jackson in Concert, can't afford it though, but will check seatwave now you've mentioned it
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