Pension Boosting: more time to pay at current rates


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    We were told today at work that people have one month from the date they receive their letter to pay the conts

    And I know there is no date on the letter but I would presume the dept would know roughly when it was sent out.
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    BBC Moneybox yesterday interviewed the chief executive of the Pensions Service and clarified the extension to the deadline (clarifies info on the Pensions Service website). You can listen to the programme on the BBC iplayer (right at the beginning of the programme 46 seconds in) via box

    Now says on the Pensions Service website at

    “April 2009

    State Pension forecast update

    We are very sorry that some customers have been experiencing difficulties with our pension forecasting service over the past few days.

    Due to unprecedented demand for our usually reliable service, some people have experienced delays in applying for a pension forecast. We are doing everything possible to prevent further problems from occurring.

    We have planned upgrades to the on-line forecasting service between 7pm-8pm and 9pm-11pm on Friday 3rd April and between 11.30pm on Sunday 5 April and 12 noon on 6 April (although we will endeavour to provide the service earlier if possible). As a consequence, unfortunately the online service will not be available at those times. However, we do have a telephone number you can contact for a pension forecast.

    Our telephone lines are usually open 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday and 8am to 1pm on Saturday.

    In addition, during the weekend of Saturday 4 and Sunday 5 April, our telephone lines will be open from 8am to 4pm each day.

    Our telephone number for the Pensions Forecasting Service is 0845 3000 168.

    The Pension Service and HMRC have agreed that if a customer requests a pension forecast before 6 April, but receives the forecast later, we will accept payment of Class 3 National Insurance Contributions at the pre 6 April 2009 rates, if the payment is made within one calendar month of the customer receiving the forecast.”
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