Is this a good self estimate?

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My boyfriend and I are thinking of moving in together and are doing our budgets, currently I pay £35 a month water (direct debit) thats for 1 adult and 2 children.
Taking a 3rd of my current pricing would estimating £47 per month be sensible? As then it would be 2 adults and 2 children (plus 2 more children one night a week too)

Its a big step and we want to be prepared :)


  • If you are trying to budget I would look at the bill itself and not the direct debit.
    Payment plans are calculated on an average based on previous consomption and can go up and down.
    £47 per month does seem a little high to me for the amount of people.
    Helping people lower there water usage and water bills

    Type Headsabovewater into you search engin for more help.
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    if your moving to a new house most water suppliers require new owners / tenants to have a water meter, which could work in your favour by having to paying less
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