anyone with bpd and depression advice please

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i have borderline personality disorder and depression. my husband ans schzophrenia but is discharged from all mental health team as it is well controlled. i have a cpn and attend a new group calle compolex cases. am interested in anyone that has the same disorder and were they get thier support from. i have looked online and there is not many places that i can find helps. please contact me i wont bite honest...... i find days really difficult to get htru have just been discharged from hospital after a 6 weeks stay and the4 crisis team have now done the same. i am still finding day to day difficul and dont know where to turn to. my family treat it as normall depression and says i have to pull mysef together and get thru this bad patch. i self harm and have od whenthings get bad. i dont sleep as i have bad thoughts going thru my head and when things get really tough want to die(not at that point aT THE monent) i halusinat too on occasioons and hear voices quite often. am on four lots of medication thta helps on a good day

sorry to go on but dont know anyone that understands what i go thru would be nice to find other people out there as groups are thin accross the ground on the net (for weekend support etc~) thanks for reading


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    I have BPD and chronic depression and i am still under the care of a psychiatrist.

    I had a care co ordinator who helped me find activities to do as i found going out difficult. Do you have a centre where they do day activities? Your CPN might know of somewhwere.

    I am currently attending a therapeutic community 3 days a week. It is for a year and i have been there 6 months. It is for people with severe personality disorders. Very hard going. As i am there i no longer have my care coordinator.

    I am not sure about weekend support. I know it is very difficult as i also suffer from S/Hing and O/Ding.

    I should speak to your CPN who should have more information. I also saw a psychologist but i know there are waiting list for these.

    I am no longer on meds as i was too high risk of O/D and psych thought they didn't do me any good anyway!

    I know i haven't given a lot of information but hope it helps.

    Also there is a website for people with BPD. If you type BPD forums it will come up with sites.

    Good luck.
  • i see a pysch but its pretty useless as thye keep changing them every app i see someonediff. my cpn has to dish my meds out weekly as i am a high risk of od too,done so many i los count. there is a bpd site but wen i registere it does not let me into the forums ando i have tried contacting with no use. just joined the cambs complex cases and waiting for them to accpet me so can join thier forums.

    my cpn is very good but not seen her for over 6 weeks as been in hospital. she is my rock been witrh her for five years so i rely on her alot.

    thank you for taking the time for replying its nice to realise i am not the only one out there.

    feel so alone as no friends or family understand what i go thru. just emailed the complex case team n my weekend that has helped a littlewill phone cpn in morning thanks again
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    Have you tried ?

    They have their own support team too, as well as the forum members to support you.
    just passing through.... Nothing to see....
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    i have BPD, severe depressiona nd also dissociative disorder (amnesia) . i have what is called homecare management instead of hopsital. but now will be discharge to be put on psychotherapy. and i know it is not easy to managed somedays are terrible .
    BSC number 183
  • did try joining bdpworld thanks but they let me log in but nit access any of thee forums not sure why. have emaled them and they said it will be sorted but no such luck, thanks for the advice. i have just started psychotherapy but they wont deal with my past as they think i am to un steady for that. they deal with my recent problems which is a little helpful. my cpn tell me it could take years before i get an benifit from it, which is very annoying cus i asked foor this 4 years gao so could have been feeling much better now.
    thanks for the advie tho
  • fatou256fatou256 Forumite
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    i knwo what youmean flash my psy told me the same they won't deal with my past straight awaay ( anyway i can't remember it!). for the moment they are trying to stabilize my mood swing before puttign me through psychotherapy. First they my gp wanted me toput through counselling they have cancel it as they think it will open a can of worms

    which annoyed me as i cantgo to my current job as i am dealing with vulnerable people so dont know how it will go from them on......

    aparently there is long list fopr psychotherapy and i have heard that insome h PCT it isnot even availbable on NHS
    BSC number 183
  • Hi Flashtwinkle,

    Have you heard of borderline UK/ Their website is at (sorry it would not let me post a link in case I was a spammer)

    They also have email support forums available on yahoo groups with advice available on treatment, day to living and just chatting with others who live with the same struggles that you do.

    PM me if you want any more info.
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    Hi I have bpd and depression. Im just changing over meds and feeling sick. Im still under the mental health team ie psychiatrist.
  • they changed my meds in this hospital stay and they make me feel sick and have gained so much weight. am on 4 lots of tablets now and still feel low. when will this end.
    i joined bpd world but it wont let me in their forum have emailed them but not much luck

    complex cases has a web page found them helpfull.cant semed to acess forum but i can email and get a response back which is more than i can say about bpd world
  • i know what u mean about opening up a can of worms as that happened to me three years statred me on 6 week course of counselling which i found hard as whgen i stated to feel relax and deal with the past my 6 weeks were up and ended up in hospital. i am worried about going over it again but hopefully this will b long term and worth all the fighting i have been doing to get a app
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