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March 2009 Grocery Challenge

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  • JayneCJayneC Forumite
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    Hi all,

    Just updtaed sig. Feeling quite hopeful that I'll I'll stay under budget this month, Have about 10 days to go and should be able to get away with just fresh stuff til then.
    Went to visit family for w-end so no grocery shopping needed but petrol was waay more than saving on groceries!!! Still good to see family tho...
    Got acouple of days off work so had a mooch to the local fruit& veg shop, should have enough til end of week. Was hoping to get all organised with my meal planning and planting some seeds but seemed to have spent all day cleaning :(
    Off tomorrow too so hopefully get some baking and meal planning done then.
    Having HM burgers, HM chips and salad for tea. Might make an apple crumble for afters too..
    See you soon,

    jayne x
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  • beth.194beth.194 Forumite
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    I planned on a NSD, but then I went to the village.
    I popped into Somerfield, and ended up buying milk (we will need it tomorrow, so it's better to buy it today), yoghurts x2 :rolleyes: and TWO cakes. (My not-so-darling otherhalf wasn't content with one.)

    So I've spent £4.03 of my two week £80.00 budget. :( Will update sig now!
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  • fabulous_girlfabulous_girl Forumite
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    Soon me and my boyfriend's joint account will be up and running properly and when it is, I will be setting a proper food budget, £20 a week! There is only 2 of us, we don't need to eat like pigs anymore! As long as I don't include cat food and cleaning products this should be easy.

    Its hard for me though as I work full time and then some (3 jobs) so the last thing i want to do is cook from scratch a lot of the time. We're on the dregs now, tonight its salami spaghetti carbonara and then tomorrow I might have to go shopping- urgh
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  • ellawoodellawood Forumite
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    hi all I am going to join in I spend between 80 to 90 pounds a week and would like to cut back and save the money towards a holiday next year not sure how I am going to do it yet :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
    this is for 3 adults and 1 18month old 1 cat and 2 dogs.
    did an online shop with Mr T for 87 pounds which comes tommorrow but did need to stock up a bit
  • Baileys_BabeBaileys_Babe Forumite
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    I've just returned from Asda, spent £18.80 this was mainly on Cheddar, 8 packs, stocking up on some seriously stong stuff whilst its on £2 for 400g (£5/kg). This is the first time this year I've needed to buy cheese as we stocked up on offers at the end of last year. Half way through the month and less than half the budget spent, yippee.
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  • fletch3163fletch3163 Forumite
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    Hello Everyone

    I managed a NSD today thankfully. Don't hold out much hope for tomorrow being NSD for two reasons. 1 Husband's off work tomorrow and 2 it's my Happy Birthday.


    So, I reckon I'll end up with more nonsense presents from DH and DS. This will be in the shape of (yet more) Lush stuff, chocolates, garage flowers. They'll have to pace themselves cos it's Mother's Day on Sunday.:D
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  • JulimkJulimk Forumite
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    Did my final top up shop today; spent £4.23 on mature cheddar, milk, crusty rolls, fruit & food bags. Tiny bit left in the budget in case I need something later this week, but hopefully that’s it.

    DD is going to her Dad’s at the w/e & I will have to drive her (he is agoraphobic, so no chance of him getting her) & it is 160 mile round trip, on both days.

    On the plus side, I normally only have a medium sized Mr T & Mr S, but I will be going right passed a big Mr A, Mr S and Mr T. Was planning to do the ‘big’ shop for ‘April’ while I didn’t have DD anyway. So I have now split my list 3 ways, depending on where the best prices are.

    Could be fun or could be a complete nightmare, but as I actually enjoy food shopping I am looking forward to it!
  • I made HM burgers tonight. They came out really yummy.
    400g lean mince beef-Waitrose Aberdeen Angus
    teaspoon chilli powder
    half a red onion
    a couple of teaspoons oregano
    Fried in a little vegetable oil with some fried mushrooms.
    Im always experimenting with the seasoning but chilli seems to be the fave in this house!
    The good quality mince goes a long way as no fat came off it-hence I really needed the oil. Very filling-Me and dd23 had one each, DS and dd15 had 2 each!
    Used up some strawberry whip also-2 packets which I had paid either 3p or 6p for at the time. Trying to use up some stuff-I have far too much.
    I had my fave-s/f jelly and cream.
    Cooked fish for DH as he alwaays has to be different.
    Got some reduced pork chops which I repacked individually and froze.
    Popped out to Co-op for those and a lot of salad-veggies.
    Now I need to update totals and sig but its all going well.

    Started sprouting some more beans for salads-the last lot really were good. Im sprouting chick peas aduki beans and mung beans. Is there anything else suitable for sprouting?
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  • mumofjusttwomumofjusttwo Forumite
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    Went shopping last night and spent £39 pounds. Was a little over budget but bought some compost too :D:D Just need to figure what to do with it now :D
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  • mrspoormrspoor Forumite
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    cw18 wrote: »
    Do you have a freezer (with space in it)? I needed a few carrots here and there for the next 6 weeks, so bought 2.5kg on Saturday that I sliced, blanched, and tray froze. They're now in meal sized bags awaiting the day they're needed ;)

    It's so simple, but that really hadn't occurred to me!!:o It's crazy - I automatically freeze meat and quorn as soon as it enters the house, but I let my veg sit there quietly going manky in the fridge! I do buy some frozen, but just didn't think of freezing it myself - doh!

    Thanks very much - I will be trying this! Should also cut down my preparation time for meals, I'm the worlds slowest peeler/chopper :T
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