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March 2009 Grocery Challenge

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  • tessie_beartessie_bear Forumite
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    wow...i love that dinosaur cake...very clever

    id love the recipe for bars please....on the dinosaur theme party [email protected] have got a very cute looking dino cutter in their latest catalogue it is only abput £2 and cuts 2 dinos from every slice of bread

    i have had a cheap day so far...reduced pie from the coop...£1 id struggle to make it for that and a stew pack for 70p....i made hm soup from the chicken carcass...nearly a free lunch:cool:

    i have just eaten the last bit of flapjack i made at the of my new years resolutions was to give oh and ds hm cakes with there packed lunches....i havent done too bad but need to make more

    on dino party theme home [email protected] does very cheap party stuff so might be worth a look

    12908?$normal$cutter from lakeland
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  • £4 spent in Morrisons yesterday on 4 cans of Relentless on offer (my favourite of the energy drinks) for my driving test this morning, and some fabric conditioner that will last me several months. I also spent £5.42 on lunch in the Tesco cafe yesterday (didn't have the option of a packed lunch yesterday). This brings my GC spends this month to £41.01 - £63.99 left to spend. It's going to be a bit tight this month as I didn't realise the amount I'd be spending on energy drinks and eating out this week.

    It was all worth it anyway, I passed my test. XD
  • Hello everyoneicon7.gif Just a quickie today because things are a little hectic. It WILL be a spend day today .............oohhicon9.gif, as have to get a few extra's in for DS2 coming home and have a few things I have run out of like chopped tomatoes and olive oil. Hoping to keep it low.
    Just popped a few more veggie seeds out in the GH.....things are really beginning to grow well.
    Feeling slightly under the weather today, so no cooking, therefore, I have just taken a pasta bake out of the freezer for DH and me tonight. Feeling pleased that I have enough reserves to do this when I just can't be bothered:o
    Have a nice day eveyone!
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  • tessie_beartessie_bear Forumite
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    It was all worth it anyway, I passed my test. XD

    :j congratulations:j

    onwards and upwards
  • mumofjusttwomumofjusttwo Forumite
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    congratulations Miss Liquorice. Thought you weren't going to tell us then.

    Well have spent £9 on petrol and £1.49 on bread :rolleyes:
    January Grocery 11/374
  • Thanks tessie bear and mumofjusttwo. Even though I've said all week I'll pass, I don't know if it's sunk in yet, hehe. Now I get to spend all the money I've saved on a car, insurance, tax, petrol... eek!
  • leedleed Forumite
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    I've been making home made health/snack bars from oats,nuts&seeds&dried fruit for lunches if anyone would like the recipe let me know cost me £2.20 for the week&most ingrediants left for the next few weeks. They're gorgeous! :T[/quote]

    Yes please! can I also have the recipe?

  • belfastgirl23belfastgirl23 Forumite
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    Well I'm having a bad feeling about my grocery challenge for the month. I couldn't resist the lure of a tesco voucher for £13 off if you spend £90. Or so I thought, in fact this was for wine and tesco direct but they honoured it because the online checkout accepted it at the time I put the order in. Anyway I'd had no intention of doing a big tesco shop this month because the cupboards were bursting. But the fact that I had the voucher and people visiting and no fruit and veg in the house and was mad busy at work all combined to make the online shop attractive. I now have enough cleaning stuff to clean the neighbourhood!!

    So anyway this all leaves me £130 in towards a target of £140. I might need to revise upwards to £160 as my new target, still thinking about this. Either way, with 3 weekends to go the £140 is a dead duck.

    I will need to have a superfrugal April to keep me on track for my yearly target!

  • Hiya everyone!

    Here is the health/nutrition bar recipe-

    1kg Asda smartprice porridge oats 58p (2/3 left over)
    Asda wholefood small seed mix 50p (found on end of fruit/veg aisle & you need this for each batch you make/week)
    Asda smartprice dried fruit (raisins,sultanas,citrus peel) 65p (2/3 left over)
    Asda smartprice fruit & nut 65p
    Asda smartprice peanut butter 65p
    Asda smartprice honey 85p (1/3 left over)

    1- mix 1/3 of porridge oats/dried fruit with full bag of fruit & nut & full bag of seed mix in a very large bowl

    2- microwave the jar of peanut butter with the lid off until runny on full power.

    3- pour the peanut butter into your bowl stirring round furiously & add 2/3 jar of honey while stirring making sure all dried mix is all sticking together.

    4- spead out onto a large, deep greased baking tray (about an inch deep will do)

    5- level out with a masher/spoon, stick in fridge to harden for a few hours & cut into bite size pieces when ready.

    Please note; you can change the ingrediants to different nuts, seeds, dried fruit & substitute the peanut butter for more honey if you don't like peanut butter or have nut allergies.

    Hope you like it & to be honest, the key is to make sure your mix isn't dry so you can put choc chips in if you want etc as long as you have enough dry mix to honey/peanut butter. Plus it's all roughly done & you can add more or less ingredients as you feel suits ;)
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    GC April £80 budget/£54.50 left

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  • xx_Jo_xxxx_Jo_xx Forumite
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    Hi to All,

    I have a question...... This weekend I personally didnt spend anything on food/shopping etc.

    My BF came over with a load of shopping and some treats for us as he was staying here the weekend, and we werent going out. Then he went to Sainsbury to get some bits for his own flat at which point, I added Washing powder and fabric softner for me!! :D which he paid for!

    So I need to include these figures in my totals as technicallly, I would have had to buy some of the things, i.e. Milk, washing powder etc. Or is it just a bonus that he bought it for me!?
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