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  • Thanks for that. I've just changed my expiry date & D.O.B. Sorry you had to go through this - really appreciate the warning though.
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    Thanks for the warning, only ever used them once and didn't even realise my card details were stored! Anyway now changed the Card number, DOB and expiry date to some random numbers. Cant believe the response you've received from play, its disgusting.
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    I had my card cloned and the only place I could track it back to was Amazon. I hadn't used my card for about 10 days and Amazon was the only place where I had. Hubby spoke to a work colleague who also said that it had happened to him TWICE recently and he had traced them both back to Amazon. I did send Amazon an email about this and I have received no reply! :mad: The worst thing is, my new card was sent out 2 1/2 weeks ago and the bank have made a mistake and sent it to my old address (where I haven't lived for over 4 years). Great customer relations there then!
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    I use every week ordering dvd's!
    Just in case I've changed my debit card details to an old cash card I no longer use that expired 5 years ago. Thanks OP.
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    ive just edited my dob and credit card details after reading this, logged out and back in to check that they have changed and they have suspended my least one bit of their security appears to be working :rolleyes:
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    My friend also had this happen with

    She got an email confirming the order and the delivery address (which wasn't hers). did refund the money but they weren't too concerned and it appeared it happened often.
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    Something similar happened with a clothing site (Cotton traders) a while back: hacked into and credit card details stolen. Did they bother to tell their customers that their credit card details had been stolen? Of course not - they just kept quiet but the story leaked to the press and many customers found out that way. However by then lots of people had dodgy unauthorised transaction on their cards. :mad: Still trying to get mine refunded months later...
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    I have a paypal top up card that I can
    put money onto and use online instead of
    my debit card,hopefully it will save me a
    lot of grief as I have recently been a victiim
    of card fraud and was shopping on
    just before Christmas.I have changed my details
    on their site as well.
  • I had the exact same thing happen to me in November. An email was sent thanking me for my order from . i tried to log on and my account was suspended, on calling play, and in fairness they were helpful, they advised they had realised that fraud had happened, however by the time they had reaslised this they had already posted the items to a London address. Maybe it was the anomolly that the order was for 5 copies of the same computer game that alerted them i dont know,but i will never use them again as i question their integrity.

    They did not give me my money back directly, i had to claim via my bank, of which the incident needed to be reported to the police, as the bank needed the report number, so just a bit of advice if it happens to you.
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    I do not understand why Play will not let you remove your details, Amazon do. Anyway changed my date of birth and card expiry date and taken off my house number, and changed my telephone number.
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